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Handwritten Online Signature Generator

Drawing online is more than just convenience; it’s a step forward in modernizing our traditional processes while ensuring authenticity, security, and efficiency. Embrace the future of signing with confidence.

Why Draw Signature Online?

Drawing your signature online preserves the genuine and unique style of your own handwriting. It’s a true representation of your personal touch in the digital realm.

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Seamlessly incorporate your drawn signature into digital documents, email, and other online platforms.

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Drawing your signature online allows for easy adjustments and redo’s until you’re completely satisfied.

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Safe and Secure

Keep your signature digital, reducing the risk of forgery and ensuring authenticity in online documents.

How It Works: Type My Signature

Maintain your personal touch with a signature that’s unmistakably yours. Whether it’s for a business contract, a personal letter, or even your artistic creations, add that finishing touch effortlessly.

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1. Choose Your Tool

Start by selecting the input method that’s most comfortable for you, whether it’s a mouse, a digital pen, or your device’s touchpad.

2. Access the Drawing Interface

Navigate to our user-friendly signature drawing interface on the website. The canvas awaits your unique signature!

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3. Draw Your Signature

Using your chosen input tool, draw your signature on the provided digital canvas. Take your time and ensure it reflects your genuine handwritten signature.

4. Download Your Drawn Signature

When you’re ready and happy with your signature, click on the “Download” button. Your digital signature will be saved in high-quality PNG format, ready to be used on any electronic document.

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Drawn Online Signature
Use Cases
Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, in many jurisdictions, a drawn online signature is legally recognized, especially for electronic documents and transactions. The enforceability and acceptance of such signatures can vary based on local laws and the type of document in question. However, for many electronic agreements and transactions, a drawn online signature holds the same legal weight as a handwritten one. Always consult with local legal counsel for specific scenarios and jurisdictions.

Yes, reputable online signature platforms employ encryption and other security measures to ensure that the drawing process is safe and your signature is protected. Nonetheless, always make sure to use trusted platforms and verify their security certifications. It’s also recommended to avoid drawing your signature on public or unsecured networks.

Absolutely! Our drawing platform for electronic signatures allows you to create any mark or symbol, whether it’s your full signature, initials, or any other unique identifier. The goal is to provide you with flexibility, so you can create a mark that represents your intent or agreement on digital platforms.

Once you’ve drawn and downloaded your signature, it will typically be saved as an image file, like PNG. You can then insert this image into digital documents using various software tools.