ShareFile vs. Citrix Files

The main difference between ShareFile and Citrix Files is their pricing. A Citrix Sharefile plan starts at $10 per user per month. The Citrix Files application is free to download from the official Citrix website and is compatible with multiple platforms.

Comparing ShareFile and Citrix Files

User Interface and Ease of Use Customization and Branding Compliance Standards Cost
ShareFile Complicated, requires constant use to master Basic HIPAA, GDPR, and more Price starts at $10 per user every month
Citrix Files Easy to navigate Basic HIPAA, GDPR, and more Free
ShareFile vs. Citrix Files

ShareFile vs. Citrix Files: A Comprehensive Comparison

ShareFile vs. Citrix Files

Storage Capacity

When comparing Citrix Files vs. ShareFile, it’s essential to know their storage capabilities.

ShareFile stands out in this aspect, offering a generous amount of data storage, starting at 100GB in the base plan, with the option to upgrade to unlimited space according to your business needs. It’s important to note that bigger plans would invariably command greater costs.

On the other hand, Citrix Files takes a different approach, providing a scalable architecture where storage is not a defined limit. That is, there is no predefined limit on the amount of data you can store. Instead, the service dynamically expands based on your actual usage.

Access Control and User Permissions

In this ShareFile vs. Citrix Files comparison, both present strong features for controlling access and user permissions. ShareFile’s User Management Tool is a powerful and innovative feature. It allows for installation on any workstation and lets administrators quickly access rules by logging in.

The tool enables administrators to create user accounts and distribution groups by accessing permissions from Active Directory. It also allows secure file storage, transfer, and sharing, offering businesses greater flexibility with sensitive data.

As an alternative to Sharefile, Citrix Files offers numerous settings for access control and user permissions. Its main feature is strong security and compliance. This solution lets you monitor document access, set different access rights, and create custom password settings.

ShareFile vs. Citrix Files
ShareFile vs. Citrix Files

Collaboration Tools

ShareFile has various tools that make data sharing and storage secure and easy. It’s beneficial for team projects that need frequent document sharing and communication. It also has flexible usage settings and collaboration tools, making it adaptable to different business needs.

Citrix Files is a strong cloud-based platform for content collaboration and file sharing. Beyond its basic role of providing secure file transfer, it offers several collaboration tools, such as managed file transfer.

Backup and Recovery

If we compare ShareFile vs. Citrix Files, both provide essential backup and recovery features that keep your data safe. Let’s dive deeper.

As a Citrix Files alternative, ShareFile makes it easy to protect your work. It keeps a copy of your work in real-time and tracks different versions of your documents.

This feature allows you to go back to an older version of a document if necessary. This ensures your business can keep running smoothly, even if a document is changed or deleted by mistake.

Citrix Files uses an upgraded approach. It saves your data in the cloud and keeps a handy local copy on your device. This double safeguard boosts your data’s safety and lets you recover it quickly, even offline.

So, if things go wrong, such as system crashes or leaks, users can swiftly pull their data from the local backup.

ShareFile vs. Citrix Files
ShareFile vs. Citrix Files

Compliance Standards

ShareFile complies with essential industry regulations, such as HIPAA and the GDPR. These regulations play a crucial role in managing and protecting our online data.

Citrix Files shares the same maker as ShareFile, offering the same compliance standards.

Integration with Existing Systems

ShareFile effectively integrates with various third-party DLP and CASB solutions, boosting its user security. Its feature to naturally connect with diverse applications allows for a smoother and more proficient user experience. It aids businesses in effortlessly embedding the platform into their current digital setup.

Citrix Files isn’t left behind; it offers native SDKs and APIs. Plus, it can connect with other cloud storage platforms, such as SharePoint, Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive.

ShareFile vs. Citrix Files
ShareFile vs. Citrix Files


As an alternative to Citrix Files, ShareFile offers various plans to suit different business needs. If your business requires basic features, the Standard Plan costs $10 per user monthly, needing at least three users. For a higher level of security, you can opt for the Advanced Plan at $16 per user each month.

The Premium Plan costs $25 per user each month. It is designed for businesses with greater security and regulatory requirements, offering features like e-signatures and compliance tools. For those dealing with highly sensitive data, the Virtual Data Room Plan costs $67.50 per user.

Citrix Files is free to download from the Citrix official website and is available on multiple platforms.

Mobile Access and Apps Data Sovereignty

Both services provide mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. These allow you to handle essential company data no matter where you are. This easy access to your files can enhance your efficiency, primarily if you often work remotely.

When it comes to data control, both ShareFile and Citrix Files allow you to handle your own data storage. This helps you meet regulatory standards and boost performance.

ShareFile vs. Citrix Files

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