Ironclad vs. Evisort

Ironclad vs. Evisort

The main difference between Ironclad and Evisort is that the latter is mainly used as AI-powered management software. What this means is that it can generate AI information and contracts to improve your workflow. On the other hand, Ironclad serves as a web-based CLM platform with unique features.

Ironclad vs. Evisort Comparison

 Contract Lifecycle ManagementBulk SigningTeam CollaborationIntegrations

Ironclad Connect

Ironclad Editor

Transparent Contract Collaboration Across Teams

Pre-built integrations
EvisortAI-poweredYes via Adobe SignCollaborate moduleEnable CRM tools


In terms of compliance, there is no clear winner when comparing Ironclad vs. Evisort. This is because the two contract management tools are GDPR, HIPAA, and UETA compliant

The two CLM tools offer automation for audit trails and logs for contract monitoring. Evisort has achieved certification for SOC 2 Type II and SOC 3, which verifies how they keep customer data safe.

Meanwhile, Ironclad only has SOC 2 Type II certification. Although these two certifications report on security, processing, integrity, availability, and privacy, SOC 3 has a watered-down version. With this in mind, it’s safe to say that Ironclad is a good Evisort alternative and option. 

With these three compliance regulations available, you get a guarantee that the tool you are using protects your sensitive data. They are needed to ensure your privacy and avoid financial or legal penalties. 

Contract Lifecycle Management

Although these two brands are contract lifecycle management tools, they do not offer the same features. For one thing, Evisort is an AI-powered tool that creates, manages, automates, and reports on your contracts. When you use this tool, it emphasizes its AI-driven contract analytics. This allows you to automate the processes you need for your contract management

Meanwhile, Ironclad is a web-based CLM platform. It offers a comprehensive system from creation to post-execution management. Through this tool, you can negotiate and approve workflows easily.  

Workflow Automation

Thanks to its AI automation features, Evisort is a good alternative to Ironclad. Through this tool, you can streamline your contract lifecycle management process. Evisort has a flexible workflow builder to build and automate contracts easily. 

Ironclad has a Workflow Designer tool that lets you create automated contract workflows. Unlike Evisort, Ironclad requires you to include your contract template and business process. Once the contracts have been automated, the process becomes easier. This way, you can bypass bottlenecks and improve collaboration and negotiation steps.

Ironclad vs. Evisort

Reporting and Analytics

Evisort prides itself as the first ever to offer an intelligent dashboarding tool for reporting and analytics. Through this tool, contract data can instantly be visualized and summarized using the key metrics inside the platform. Users have a quick way of visualizing contracts and exporting their data. 

It also has a new Automation Hub product where users can automate repetitive tasks and streamline workflows. Through this feature, users have a way to analyze their contracts for valuable business insights. They no longer need to hire a third party to review the data. 

Ironclad, on the other hand, offers a dashboard where a bird’s eye view of activity is provided to its users. There is the option to customize the view to stay on top of the data you need to keep track of.  Ironclad Insights is a useful analytics tool to analyze, visualize, and understand contracts in real time. 

Customizable Branding

Custom branding is another area where Ironclad is a suitable alternative to Evisort. With this feature in place, you can personalize your contract management experience. 

Some things you can do on Ironclad include adding your company logo and primary and secondary colors to your email templates. Legal organizations that use the tool can also customize their contracts by adding their logo to the brand settings. 

Although this might seem like a very simple feature, it can help maintain professionalism and brand consistency. 

Bulk Signing Capability

Evisort is an Ironclad alternative when it comes to this feature. Although it does not directly offer a bulk signing capability, Evisort has integrations with Adobe Sign. This gives you access to bulk signing features offered by the platform. 

Ironclad does not offer this feature. 

Team Collaboration

In terms of team collaboration features, Ironclad wins in this Evisort vs Ironclad comparison guide. This is because it has an Ironclad Connect feature that lets you collaborate with counterparties directly on the platform. 

There’s also the Ironclad Editor feature, which acts as a collaboration and negotiation tool. This helps legal teams in the strenuous back-and-forth contract revision and redlining process. Users can easily edit, leave a comment and track changes. It also allows @mentions and internal comments so everyone can stay in the loop. 

Lastly, Ironclad has a Transparent Contract Collaboration Across Teams feature. You can leverage AI Assist so that changes can automatically be suggested. 

On the other hand, Evisort’s team collaboration features include a Collaborate module that lets you stay in sync with your team. It also comes with @mentions, notifications, and comments so you can communicate within the platform. 

Ironclad vs. Evisort

Why You Should Use Fill

When comparing Ironclad and Evisort, don’t forget that there are other options to look into. One of the options you should consider is Fill

Fill lets you access its real-time commenting on the platform so you can easily talk to other users that you are collaborating with. You also get an acclaimed eSignature and contract management software that seamlessly works on just about any device. 

Through Fill’s features, you can make the most out of your collaborations without writing your contracts from scratch. It is also compatible with just about any mobile device platform, so you can work on your contracts on the go. The best part is that Fill is also HIPAA, GDPR, and EULA compliant. 

Create an account at Fill today to start working on your contracts with ease. You can check out all of the other features that Fill offers. This way, you don’t have to worry about missing out on a specific feature you need.

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