Document Analytics

Extract and analyze document data to make more informed decisions.

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Track data and gain insights with ease

With document analytics, you can collect and analyze data in contracts, forms, legal documents, and other administrative content. Fill enables you to evaluate the performance of your system based on signer interactions and document activity.

The relevant insights you collect will help you improve your operational workflow.

Document Data Extraction With Fill

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View analytics

. Click Analytics to see all extracted data from your document.


easy and secured storage and contract management

Get insights from document activity

Analyze document interaction to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies within your current workflow. See which users have received, opened, and signed documents.

Track document audit trail

Gain valuable data from how your recipients interact with documents and files. Make data-driven decisions by tracking the progress of each document you send.

Automate contract workflow for faster contract lifecycle
Save a lot of money by using contract management for your business

Strengthen data security

Fill ensures 100% compliance with relevant laws and regulations, such as HIPAA and the E-Sign Act.

Improve team collaboration

Get a better understanding on how documents are being shared and accessed within the organization. Promote better accountability by identifying who’s working on what.

Follows strict regulatory compliance contract management solution

Easily track document interaction with Fill

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