Internxt vs pCloud

While Internxt provides a user-friendly service for team collaboration that allows collective work on diverse files like documents, sheets, and slides; pCloud features a robust  collaboration tools for shared and simultaneous file editing.

Comparing Internxt vs pCloud

Security Backup and Recovery User Interface and Ease of Use Monthly Cost
Internxt End-to-end encryption, zero-knowledge. Yes Intuitive and user-friendly interface. From €2.14 to  €9.99
pCloud Secure and encrypted cloud storage. Yes Simple and streamlined user interface. From $4.99 to $9.99
Internxt vs pCloud

Internxt vs pCloud: Feature Breakdown

Internxt vs pCloud

Are pCloud and Internxt Safe?

When it comes to the critical aspect of security, this pCloud and Internxt comparison is a close one.

Internxt is incredibly focused on privacy and security. It encrypts your files on your device, so only you can view them. Its use of zero-knowledge technology makes it impossible even for Internxt to access your data. Furthermore, Internxt’s distributed file system enhances security. To retrieve any complete file, all its various parts distributed among different servers must be accessed.

PCloud also provides excellent security with its unique pCloud Crypto feature for storing extra sensitive files. These files get encrypted on your device, making them inaccessible even to pCloud. Based in Switzerland, the company follows strict data protection laws and uses 256-bit AES encryption. Additionally, pCloud offers an Extended File History add-on for added safety, letting you retrieve file versions and deleted files up to a year old.

How do they support team collaboration?

Internxt has an easy-to-use collaboration interface. Team members (even new members) can easily work together on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. What’s unique about Internxt is the real-time collaboration on files. It also maintains a version control feature that records all changes made and allows users to return to previous versions if needed.

As an Internxt alternaive, pCloud also offers an impressive set of collaborative tools. Its focus is primarily on file-sharing and simultaneous editing. As a communal workspace, pCloud enables teams to work on documents collectively with real-time updates. So, every alteration a team member makes is immediately visible to all others. An outstanding benefit of pCloud is its unlimited file type support for collaborative editing, bringing flexibility to its users.

To sum up the pCloud vs Internxt comparison for collaboration tools, it’s a close call. Both offer real-time collaborative editing and version control.

Internxt vs pCloud
Internxt vs pCloud

What are their File Sharing Capabilities?

As a pCloud alternative, Internxt gives you advanced control over sharing your files. You can create temporary links to your documents, photos, or whole folders and decide who can view them. The files stay encrypted while being shared, providing top-tier data security.

When it comes to pCloud, it shines in providing a user-friendly file-sharing system. It offers the flexibility to share files and folders with anyone without needing them to be pCloud users.

For improved security, links can be safeguarded with passwords. Plus, the capability to establish shared folders is provided, allowing for quick and up-to-date collaboration with your team or clients.

Is pCloud more Relaible than Internxt?

Our comparison of Internxt vs pCloud shows that both services have done an excellent job. They provide consistent and efficient uptime in the cloud storage market.

As an alternative to pCloud, Internxt stands out with its strong and reliable system. Thanks to its cloud storage design, server downtime is significantly reduced. It means even if one server isn’t working, you can still get your data from other servers in the network.

pCloud, a well-established player in the industry, guarantees almost constant availability. It means you can nearly always access your files and documents. Its data backup solutions and fail-safe system are designed to keep your data safe and available.

Internxt vs pCloud
Internxt vs pCloud

Which Solution Has an Easy to Use Interface?

Internxt is very user-friendly, having a neat and easy-to-understand interface. Storing and accessing files becomes quite simple, even if you aren’t tech-savvy. Plus, it still offers advanced options for those who need them.

In contrast, pCloud offers a setup that might be more appealing to those who like a familiar layout. Its desktop applications and web interface replicate a typical hard drive with an understandable folder system. pCloud’s design is smooth, offering easy drag-and-drop uploads and making saving files to the cloud simple.

Internxt vs pCloud Customer Service

Internxt provides quick help through its detailed FAQ section, in-depth guides, and fast email support. This is one of Internxt’s main advantages because it comes in very handy when handling important cloud files.

pCloud also offers strong customer support, including live chat for quick problem-solving. Alongside email support, they have an extensive FAQ and support area filled with easy-to-follow guides and tutorials.

Internxt vs pCloud
Internxt vs pCloud

Mobile Access and Apps Data Sovereignty

Internxt has a simple and intuitive mobile app for iOS and Android users. It lets you quickly access, view, and edit your stored files and sync them. Internxt is designed to divide your data into smaller chunks and encrypt it. These chunks are distributed across multiple locations, enhancing overall security.

As an alternative to Internxt, pCloud has a strong mobile app that works well with iOS and Android devices. This app lets you instantly access your files, share them, and even play audio and video files from the cloud.

Regarding data sovereignty, pCloud has many server locations and thoroughly follows data storage laws like GDPR. To ease users’ concerns, pCloud will give you a certificate showing where your data is kept if you ask for it.

Internxt vs Pcloud Plans and Cost

Internxt provides a no-cost plan with a 10 GB storage limit and complete security functions. Their paid single-user plans offer storage from 20 GB up to 2 TB. The smallest monthly fee is just €2.14; you can pay annually or for a lifetime. You can also get a 200 GB plan for just €4.49 monthly. Meanwhile, a 2 TB plan is available for €9.99 monthly, with a one-time payment option for €299.

Larger storage plans, like 5 TB and 10 TB, mainly target businesses and teams. They are available at higher rates, such as €499 for a 5 TB yearly plan and €999 for a 10 TB lifetime plan. These plans all include end-to-end encryption and other security features.

pCloud offers a Premium plan with 500GB storage. It is priced at $4.99 monthly or $49.99 annually. The Premium Plus plan also offers 2TB storage at $9.99 per month or $99.99 yearly. To top it off, there’s also a free plan providing up to 10GB of storage.

pCloud’s plans for businesses begin at $9.99 a month per user for 1TB storage. They also have a Business Pro plan that supplies endless storage for $19.98 monthly per user. Plus, they offer a one-off payment option of $199 for a lifetime subscription to the Premium 500GB pl

Internxt vs pCloud

Fill: A Better Alternative to Internxt

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