Is Typing Your Name an Electronic Signature?

Is Typing Your Name an Electronic Signature?

Electronic signatures are a convenient means to sign documents remotely and efficiently. There are multiple ways to obtain an eSignature, and you might be wondering if typed name as electronic signature is one of them. The good news is yes, it’s a valid way to electronically sign documents online provided it follows certain requirements. Keep reading to learn more.

Is Typing Your Name An Electronic Signature?

Yes, typing your name in an electronic document is an easy and fast way to sign it. Aside from uploading a scanned signature, typed name as electronic signature is also legally binding provided that it meets the requirements of a valid eSignature.

By legal definition, a typed signature is any electronic process, symbol, or sound that’s associated with a contract record. As long as both parties agree to the process, then typing an electronic signature is acceptable.

Requirements For A Valid Esignature

Typed signatures become valid when the following conditions are met:

  1. There’s proof that the signer wanted to sign the document, such as options to “Cancel” if they’re not in favor of the contract terms.
  2. The signer provided consent to use a typed signature to signify their agreement. Alternative options, like signing on paper, must be available.
  3. The typed signature must have a definite attribute that can be traced back to the signer. This can be an email trail, timestamp, IP address, or mobile number.
  4. Signers must go through a user verification process, such as a two-step authentication, before they can access the online document and type their signature.
  5. The link to sign a document must be unique for every signer. This further ensures that only the valid signer has access to the document. 

Based on the conditions above, the main requirement to accept type electronic signature is to be able to prove that signer’s identity as the individual who truly intended to sign the document. This requirement is easily met by using reputable electronic signature apps.

It’s also important that both parties receive a copy of the signed document once all signatures are complete.

Is Typing Your Name an Electronic Signature?

Legal Implications of Typing Your Name as an Electronic Signature

Various countries have implemented laws to govern electronic signatures. The US has the ESIGN and UETA law, Canada has the PIPEDA and UECA law, and the European Union (except Switzerland) recognizes the eIDAS law. 

Typing an electronic signature expresses your intent to sign and consent to the terms in the document. As long as the signature can be attributed to you, then you’ll be held liable to follow the document’s contents. 

This means that you’ve performed necessary steps to secure your online identity so it can’t be abused by malicious individuals. Documents with typed signatures are admissible in court, and in some cases, can even provide stronger evidence than handwritten signatures. 

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