8 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Drafting Form 8082

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Filing a tax return requires you to be honest and to fully disclose the earnings from your organization. But what happens if you were unable to notify the IRS of an inconsistent treatment of an item in your tax return? How do you deal with such and not have to face any penalties?

The good news is that you can file Form 8082 to help you out. It is also known as a Notice of Inconsistent Treatment or Administrative Adjustment Request (AAR). The form is commonly used by the following to alert the IRS of any inconsistent treatment of an item written on their tax return.

If you are wondering what is the correct IRS 8082 Form creation, you’re in luck! This article will guide you on this.

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Guide On How To Write A Form 8082

Now that you know what Form 8082 is, it’s time to learn the common reasons why you need to file the form. People usually file the form based on these reasons:

  • Notice of inconsistent treatment – You will need to file Form 8082 as a notice of inconsistent treatment when you spot any discrepancies in the treatment of items on your tax return.
  • Administrative adjustment request – After spotting the inconsistency, you can ask the IRS to make the necessary adjustments to correct it with the help of the form.
  • Incorrectly issued K-1 – You can also use Form 8082 to report an incorrectly issued K-1 or your partner’s share of income, credits, and deductions from your partnership.
  • An inconsistent position being maintained – If you notice that there is an inconsistency in the position being maintained, you can also file a proper Form 8082 to point this out.
  • Challenging an IRS regulation validity – If you need to challenge the validity of an IRS regulation, you can use Form 8082-R.

Download the IRS Form 8082

Below is a preview of IRS Form 8082. Use this form for free when you sign up for a Fill account.

Form 8082 – Notice of Inconsistent Treatment or Administrative Adjustment Request (AAR)

What To Include When Writing A Form 8082?

When you’re writing Form 8082, there are some things you need to include:

  • Identify the inconsistency – Notify the IRS of the inconsistency you find in your tax treatment of an item and pass-through entity treated.
  • Give a detailed explanation – Clearly explain the inconsistency and how it occurred in the first place. If you can, provide supporting documentation or relevant details that can help the IRS understand what happened.
  • Request for an administrative adjustment – If you have decided to request an administrative adjustment, make sure to state it in Form 8082 so that the inconsistency can be corrected.
  • Include your personal information – Make sure to provide your full name, contact information, and taxpayer identification number on the form.

Once you’re done drafting tax Form 8082, you will need to follow the instructions so you can correctly fill out the form. Also, make sure to submit the form to the IRS promptly so that the necessary corrections can be made.

Best Strategies When Drafting A Form 8082

When you are learning how to draft Form 8082, you need to follow the best practices so the form will be accepted by the IRS. With this, you must avoid making these common mistakes:

Inaccurate or incomplete information

Form 8082 must be completed accurately and all the required fields should be filled out. Make sure to double-check the names, taxpayer identification numbers, and any other information you have provided so you don’t make any mistakes.

Unclear explanation of the inconsistency

Make sure to clearly explain the nature of the item’s treatment inconsistency on the tax return. Give a detailed explanation of any differences. Be specific yet concise with your explanation so that the IRS can understand the issue.

Atttach supporting forms or schedules

Don’t forget to attach specific forms or schedules to Form 8082, especially if they are part of the inconsistent treatment. These documents will help the IRS understand the inconsistency.

Affix your signature

You should sign Form 8082 together with the other party involved in the inconsistent treatment. If there are any missing or incomplete signatures on the form, it can delay its processing. You might even be required to resubmit a form.

Include relevant documents

Make sure to include all necessary supporting documentation, such as related schedules copies of the tax returns, and other materials. These documents will provide more context to guide the IRS in reviewing your request.

File the form on time

You need to file Form 8082 within its specified timeframe. Usually, this is within three years from the questionable tax return’s due date or two years from the tax payment date.

Choose the correct reason for filing

Form 8082 comes with options to choose why you are filing. Make sure to choose the correct reason and follow the instructions that relate to your situation.

Keep records for yourself

Always make a copy of the accomplished Form 8082, its attachments, and any supporting documents. Keep a record of these for any future inquiry requests from the IRS.

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How To Use Fill To Write Form 8082

While it is recommended that you seek a professional tax practitioner to teach you how to create an 8082 form for the IRS, it may not always be the best option for you. Especially if you’re pressed for time, and you need to file the form right away, you’ll need to act fast.

Thankfully, Fill has a Form 8082 template that you can easily use. Sign up for free to start customizing the template with your information.

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