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Sublease Agreement

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Sublease Agreement

A sublease agreement is a contract between an existing tenant and another party of a rental property. Our templates will help all such tenants to create a sublease agreement quickly and efficiently.

sublease agreement template

Why is a Sublease Agreement important?

Subleasing happens when a tenant makes another agreement to the 3rd party to transfer a portion or the whole of the real-estate property. This kind of Subleasing is legally established upon clauses in many countries and states. The original owner must be consented to subleasing by the original tenant.

What property can be sublet?

From renting a room in a house to subletting an unused basement, any property currently being leased can be sublet if the landlord allows it. This includes the following: Room, Condo, Townhouse, Basement, Apartment, House and even Garage.

describe the premises

Describe the Premises

The first step of the agreement is to describe the property. It’s essential to mention the address of the property and describe exactly what will be given for rent.

details of tenant and sub-tenant

Details of Tenant & Sub-tenant

This part should include the name and address of the tenant and the person to whom it will be sub-rent in the agreement.

term of the sublease

Term of the Sublease

Mention how long the property will be sublet to your sub-tenant. This part of the agreement is known as the “term” of the sublease agreement.

details of the original lease

Details of the Original Lease

The subtenant should be well aware of any provisions included in the original lease agreement.

FAQ About Our Sublease Agreement Template

Making a free Sublease Agreement using Fill is pretty simple and doesn’t take a lot of time as well as effort, provided that you already know the relevant information to be included, such as:
  • Does your landlord allow you to sublet?
  • Who are the landlord, original lease tenant and sublease tenant?
  • Prime lease information such as original lease date
  • Will the sublease cover the remaining time on the lease?
A lease is a rental contract between the property owner and the tenant. Whereas, a sublease is a contract between a tenant and a third party who lives in the rental property during part of the tenant’s lease term. 
Yes – if the sublease is done after getting the homeowner’s consent and while following the state laws then it’s legal. However, you need to understand that different jurisdictions have different regulations for this. Hence, tenants must cross-check their state-specific rules before subleasing the property.

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