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A cleaning service agreement is a written contract between a cleaning service provider and a client, for a cleaning service in exchange for payment. Cleaning agreements can be created for residential housekeeping or cleaning a commercial property.
cleaning service agreement template

Why Are Cleaning Agreements Important?

An agreement is required to establish clear communication with the other party regarding the type of work, the schedule, and the level of service. It also provide legal protection. A contract provides a written record of the agreement between two people so that they can refer to it later. A cleaning agreement ensures that clients and providers have legal recourse. It helps to identify how to resolve legal disputes. And therefore experts recommend using an agreement even with close associates to avoid legal disputes.

Information Included in a Cleaning Service Agreement

A perfect cleaning service agreement should contain contact information for the cleaning provider and the client. Also must include the type of services provided in what frequency. You should not forget to mention the location of the services and the payment terms.
contact information

Contact information

A cleaning agreement must include complete contact information of both the client as well as the service provider.

type of services

Type of services

The contract should clearly mention in which part of the premise the cleaning should be done and what other services to be provide (if any).

frequency of the services

Frequency of the services

For an important task like cleaning, mentioning frequency of the work is very important.

payment terms

Payment terms

Don’t forget to mention the payment terms & conditions clearly. 

FAQ About Our Cleaning Service Contract Templates?

Yes, of-course! A well defined agreement can protect both the service provider as well as the company from any future payment issue or legal trouble. Before using our template, make sure to consult with your legal advisor, who will advise you to edit the template as per your business requirement.

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