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Business partnership agreements are documents that define the fundamental business operations of the company as well as the roles of each of the business partners. This agreement defines responsibilities, enables a dispute resolution process, and details the allocation of profits and losses.
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Business partnerships involve contracts that establish specific business practices in a company. It sets up how the partner’s business responsibilities will include ownership and investments, profitability and loss, and corporate leadership.

While “partners” are commonly used for two persons, there are no limitations to the number of partners in business relationships. Note that partnerships are sometimes named differently according to state and industry.

All business partnerships in which two or more people are shareholders in the business must have business partnership agreements. These documents provide critical guidance for operations, look at the partnership details, and share resources and practices that can be used to support the other partners throughout the business relationship.

It is also designed to lay out the necessary steps for dissolving a partnership, such as the responsibilities that will be distributed among the remaining partners when one partner decides to exit or transfer partnership interest; or in the event of the admission of new partners.

Forming a Solid Business Partnership Agreement

You always hope to be in a good relationship when doing business with others. But this isn’t always the case since business relationships can be complicated and unpredictable. That’s why it’s essential to have a clear and comprehensive agreement to safeguard both parties.

Business relationships are important commitments. Therefore, it is important to use solid partnership agreements to ensure that you have clearly defined rights and obligations. By utilizing an agreement template like this free partnership agreement from Fill, you can guarantee that when you are ready to go into business with one or more partners, your needs will be met accordingly.

Business partnership agreements are legal documents describing the legal structure and function of the business. Specifically, it provides what is required when a business partner sells or leaves and how the other partner can share the profits or losses. Formal partnerships are highly recommended based on the business evolution and transformation from solo practices towards partnership or ensemble practices.

All states will have their laws regarding the legal formation of partnerships, so you can begin by reviewing state statutes via your state department. Another alternative would be a template you can use to fill in or help with the structure of your partnership arrangement. Ultimately, you may consult a lawyer with expertise in business contracts.

Exploring partnership agreements for business partners

A general partnership agreement is the fundamental document of any partnership which is legally binding on all partners. These documents define both daily operations and the rights of each partner.

When filling out this partnership agreement template for a business entity, be sure to include the following:

  • Names and contact information of all partners involved
  • Business name and registered address of the company
  • Confirmation of the formation of the partnership
  • Purpose and nature of the business
  • How much does each business partner owns (ownership interest)
  • Commencement dates, business location, and other pertinent details

Besides your partnership agreement, you may also need to produce other contracts to ensure smooth operation within the company, protect each partner’s financial interests, and reduce possible stress throughout the partnership.

Consult an attorney to ensure that your partnership agreement outlines all the aspects of your association.

Limited partnership

A partnership business may also be registered as a limited liability partnership (LLP), where the partners have limited personal liability.

The partnership agreement can thus resemble a corporate agreement or the limited liability company (LLC) operating agreement in the case of limited partners (investors).

Capital contributions

Each new partner will bring an initial contribution which can be in the form of capital, intellectual property, assets, etc. Partners are expected to share the company’s profits and losses proportionate to their capital contributions.

Meanwhile, financial transactions are kept in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.

FAQ About This Business Partnership Agreement Template

A written partnership agreement specifies which party controls which part of the company, determines profit and loss distribution, and assigns tasks and roles. In most cases, this agreement also outlines how to resolve disputes and when a party dies prematurely.
You can create a partnership agreement online at no cost and use free templates available online, like this legal document sample from Fill. You should consult a business attorney or partnership agreements attorney to ensure compliance.

It’s easy to identify the must-haves of a business partnership just by going back to the term’s original definition. The main elements of business partnership involve:

  1. Having a contract
  2. Between two or more partners (co-owners)
  3. Who agree to carry out business together
  4. To make a profit

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