Signature Request: Get Documents Signed Without the Hassle

Getting documents signed can be tedious if you still use paper-based methods. It can also be quite costly as you have to spend some money on printing and courier services. There are also concerns about security and privacy when transporting and storing highly confidential files. Simply put, it’s an inefficient and outdated way of managing paperwork.

It’s high time you adopt a more effective solution to expedite your document-signing process.

When you switch to Fill, you can take advantage of our signature request feature, which significantly improves your turnaround time. It also automates your document workflow, making the signing process more convenient.

What Is a Signature Request?

As the name suggests, a signature request is the act of asking someone (be it a client, colleague, partner, employee, etc.) to authenticate a document. There are several ways to request signatures:

In person

You must schedule an appointment with the signer to make an in-person signature request. Make sure that your documents are ready for signing. If not, finalize and verify the details first before the meeting.

One of the advantages of an in-person signature request is that you can quickly answer any questions. The biggest drawback is that it might be challenging to pick a schedule when you’re both free. Also, it can be tricky if you’re not from the same area.

Mail or courier service

Another way to request signatures is to mail the documents to your recipient. While this is quite a straightforward process, it’s also time-consuming. Depending on the signer’s location, it might take weeks before they receive the document. This method also has its fair share of risks, as anyone can tamper with the mail and see your documents.


Electronic signatures are fast becoming the norm for document signing. An esignature is legally binding and secure. You can use it to sign any document, even those that are highly confidential. The best part is that your documents are protected by military-grade encryption, which makes it virtually impossible for unauthorized parties to view your files.

When you choose a reliable electronic signature application, you enjoy advanced security features such as two-factor authentication and signature verification.

Out of the three options, sending an online signature request is the quickest and most reliable way to request a signature, especially when you use Fill.

How to Send Signature Requests on Fill

Sending a signature request online is as easy as 1,2,3 if you are equipped with the right tools. When you sign up with Fill, you can send as many requests as you want. This is possible even with our free plan.

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1. On your dashboard, click Start Now. This button is located at the upper-right corner of the screen.

Step 2. Click Several People.

Step 3. Upload the document you want to be signed. You can upload up to five documents at a time. We support various file formats like PDF, DOCX, JPG, and PNG.

Step 4. Enter the Document Name and select Document Type. Click Next.

Step 5. Type in the signer’s basic information, including their email address and complete name.

Step 6. If there are multiple signers, click Add Signer and repeat Step 5.

Step 7. You can set a due date, add notes or messages, and even customize the request with your branding.

Step 8. Enable signer verification to ensure that the person signing the document is who they say they are. Moreover, you can set the signing order to determine which of your signers should sign first.

Step 9. Click Continue.

Step 10. Drag and drop fillable fields into the document. You can assign certain fields to a particular signer if necessary.
Step 11. Before sending the signature request, test it out yourself. If you’re satisfied with it, click Next.
Step 12. It’s your turn to sign. Affix your electronic signature to the designated area. If you don’t have one yet, you can easily create an esignature in one of three ways: draw, type, or upload.

Step 13. You can also add dates, stamps, icons, and your profile details.

Step 14. Click Send. The signer should receive the request in their email. In the email, there should be a link that would give them access to the file.

3 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Online Signature Requests

Fill offers intuitive features that allow you to request signatures online. But what makes this method better than the traditional, paper-based one?

Let’s take a look at some of the key advantages of using Fill in your workflow:

1. Get documents signed faster

With Fill, you can forget about complicated processes. Our cross-platform app allows you to prepare documents in just minutes. You can upload PDF files, add and assign fillable fields, and set due dates to ensure timely completion.

Signers do not need an account with Fill to access or authenticate documents. As soon as you send a signature request, they will receive a link in their email to access the file. There’s no need to install software or use special equipment. You and the signer can use Fill on mobile devices or computers.

2. Improve data security

You never have to worry about breaches, forgery, and tampering when you use Fill to sign documents. Our cross-platform application uses military-grade encryption to ensure that only authorized parties can access your files. Moreover, our electronic signature solutions comply with federal and international guidelines such as HIPAA, GLBA, and GDPR.

You can easily authenticate a signer’s identity using our signer ID verification feature. The verification process with Fill is easy. All they need to do is submit a government-issued ID and undergo a selfie check.

3. Track the progress of your paperwork

One of the biggest challenges when using a paper-based method is that it’s quite difficult to keep track of your document. The only way you’ll know whether the file has been delivered or signed is by contacting the signatory.

With Fill, you can easily check the whereabouts of your document online. By using our real-time audit trail and log, you can see who has or hasn’t viewed your document. It’s also easier to keep track of who has and hasn’t signed the file. You can also access the document’s analytics report if you want to check the average completion rate and time.

Simplify Requesting Signatures Online With Fill

Switching to a digital solution can give your business the competitive edge over your competitors. It reduces workflow inefficiency by eliminating bottlenecks caused by paper-based methods.

With Fill, you can streamline your document workflow from start to finish. Our signature request feature allows you to close deals faster while ensuring that your documents remain secure and confidential. You can also approve applications, process agreements, and sign forms. To put it simply, Fill is the ultimate business tool that can take your business to the next level.

Do you want to know how our signature request feature works as well as try our other innovative features? Book a demo today and try our solution for yourself

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