Nextcloud vs. Synology

While Nextcloud offers a reliable backup system that safeguards your data in the cloud,  Synology takes a distinct approach by using Synology Snapshot Replication for immediate backups of shared folders and LUNs.

Comparing Synology and Nextcloud

File Sharing Capabilities Customer Support Compliance Standards Cost
 Nextcloud Offers versatile file-sharing features, including public and internal shares, federated sharing across servers, and file transfer options Provides extensive documentation, a community forum for home users, and dedicated enterprise support for critical environments Complies with  GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, and more From 37.49€ per user/year for up to 100 users
Synology Provides secure file management and collaboration tools across multiple platforms and devices Has a central Support Center, a comprehensive Knowledge Center, a Diagnosis Service, and support for Synology NAS users​ Complies with GDPR, CCPA, ISO certifications, and more From $9.99 per year for 100 GB
nextcloud vs synology

Nextcloud vs Synology: Feature Breakdown

nextcloud vs synology

Access Control and User Permissions Features

Nextcloud offers strong user management, allowing detailed permissions for folders and files. This means you can control who has access and what actions they can take with your data. You can watch live edits or prevent users from downloading files.

Conversely, Synology provides robust tools to quickly establish user, group, and folder permissions. Its Advanced Share Permissions also gives administrators control over data access by adjusting shared folder options.

Collaboration Tools Available on Nextcloud and Synology

Nextcloud puts a premium on smooth communication and effective teamwork. It offers features like instant document editing, chat, and video calls. Plus, with the Calendar and Contacts apps of Nextcloud, managing schedules and essential people on your list is hassle-free.

Nextcloud also has a user-friendly interface that makes sharing files and folders accessible. It lets you carefully manage permissions so only the right people have access.

As an alternative to Nextcloud, Synology also provides collaboration tools with a unique approach. The Synology Chat minimizes unwarranted emails, and the Synology Office presents a secure and efficient environment for your office documents. Additionally, Synology’s MailPlus simplifies the process of managing professional emails.

nextcloud vs synology
nextcloud vs synology

Comparing Synology vs Nextcloud’s Reliability and Uptime

As an alternative to Synology, Nextcloud has an excellent track record for staying online. Since it’s an open-source solution, a community of developers is always fixing issues, contributing to its high uptime. It has been specifically built to work without flaws on a server, making it more dependable.

Synology is known for its reliable network-attached storage (NAS) devices. These devices are famous for their strong build and dependability, contributing to Synology’s impressive uptime record. However, power outages or device failures can affect Synology’s uptime.

NextCloud vs Synology’s Backup and Recovery Systems

Nextcloud is built with a consistent backup system that protects your data in the cloud. It means there’s no fear of losing files forever. Its recovery system watches for unintended changes and deletes files, keeping them safe. Plus, it’s simple to revert any file or folder to how it was before—offering an extra layer of protection.

On the flip side, Synology is also quite powerful. It uses Synology Snapshot Replication to create instant backups of shared folders and LUNs, meaning you can conveniently restore your data at any particular moment. It’s a dependable way to prevent data loss and reduce possible operational downtime.

When comparing Nextcloud vs Synology, it’s evident that both prioritize strong backup and recovery systems. Your choice be

nextcloud vs synology
nextcloud vs synology

Comparing their Compliance with Industry Standards

As a Synology alternative, Nextcloud is an open-source software known for its adaptability. It allows businesses to custom-fit their cloud storage according to various industry standards. Compliance with laws and regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA are well-covered. Extensive guides are also available for users to navigate these regulations effectively.

Synology also demonstrates high standards in this area. It affirms adherence to various regulations such as GDPR and CCPA. Synology also boosts trust with its ISO certifications.

Synology vs Nextcloud’s Integration Capabilities

Nextcloud supports integration with numerous third-party systems. It offers compatibility with file sync and share platforms (EFSS) and productivity platforms such as Microsoft Office and Google Suite. This lets you use the tools you already know, so there’s no need to juggle between different apps or learn new interfaces. Everything comes together for an easier, more streamlined workflow.

Similarly, Synology also offers several unique benefits. It seamlessly connects with popular applications like Docker, WordPress, and GitLab. In addition, its adaptability with virtual machines and less demanding hardware such as Raspberry Pi enhances user experience. This, combined with many backup applications, significantly increases the overall ease of use.

When weighing up Nextcloud vs Synology, both offer excellent integration with current systems. So, it boils down to understanding your specific needs and choosing the one that suits you best.

nextcloud vs synology
nextcloud vs synology

Exploring Nextclout vs Synology’s Pricing and Plans

Nextcloud Enterprise’s pricing is structured in tiers, depending on the number of users. It starts at 37.49€ per user/year for up to 100 users. The pricing for Nextcloud depends on the plan you select. The most expensive plan costs 195€ per user yearly, but only for up to 100 users. For larger user bases, contacting Nextcloud for a personalized quote is best.

Synology offers a range of pricing plans for its cloud service. Individual users can choose plans starting from $9.99 per year for 100 GB or $59.99 per year for 1 TB. Monthly payment options, such as the 1 TB plan for $5.99 a month, are also available. Pricing details are offered upon request for business users and those with more extensive storage requirements. Synology’s C2 Object Storage also provides the first 15 GB of storage for free. It is perfect for users with minor storage needs or those wishing to try out the service.

Mobile Access and Apps Data Sovereignty

Nextcloud provides a user-friendly mobile app for both Android and iOS. This comprehensive app lets you access, download, upload, and share files directly from your mobile device. It’s crucial to note that data sovereignty is maintained, which means your data stays securely under your control. Following its commitment to privacy, Nextcloud will not access your private data without proper authorization.

Synology provides mobile apps named DS Cloud for iOS and DS File for Android. They both deliver fuss-free file access and sharing. However, what gives Synology an edge is its superior control functions. Synology NAS allows you to back up your mobile data easily. Compared to Nextcloud, Synology offers additional features in its mobile apps. It includes viewing files offline and syncing across different platforms – a plus point for some users.

nextcloud vs synology

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