Koofr vs Internxt

Koofr allows integration with cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive, while Internxt lacks such integrations and focuses on providing a private cloud storage.

Comparing Internxt and Koofr

  Platforms Supported Cloud Storage Integrations Custom Branding Pricing
Koofr Windows Mac SaaS/Web Android iOS Yes Google Workspace, Microsoft Office, OneDrive, and more. Yes Free/Starts at €0.5 per month
Internxt Windows Mac SaaS/Web Android iOS Yes Tresorit, DocHub, iCloud, and more. N/A Free/Starts at €0.89 per month
Koofr vs Internxt

Cloud Storage Feature Analysis

Koofr vs Internxt

Internxt vs Koofr Pricing

Koofr offers a variety of pricing plans to suit different storage needs. They offer up to 10GB of free safe storage for users. For larger storage needs, their XXXL plan provides 2.5TB of space for around $233.

Internxt also offers a range of pricing options for its cloud storage services. Users can get up to 10GB of free storage with a free Internxt membership and 2GB of free storage just by signing up. If more storage is needed, Internxt offers a 20GB plan for $0.89 per month, a 200GB plan for $3.49 per month, and a 2TB plan for $8.99 per month. For businesses, prices start at $5, $10, and $95 a month.

Comparing their ease of use

Koofr’s User Interface (UI) and ease of use are generally appreciated by users. The UI is controlled via a web app interface that extends to desktop and mobile apps, offering ease of use and fast transfer speeds. The interface is popular for being neat, simple, and user-friendly across platforms.

Internxt’s UI and ease of use are generally viewed positively. Reviews highlight its good user interface, with customers remarking on its efficiency and dedicated images section. They also describe the UI as exciting and easy to use, differing from other applications.

Koofr vs Internxt
Koofr vs Internxt

Koofr and Internxt comply with GDPR regulations

Koofr’s privacy statement has been prepared under the European Regulation on Data Protection and Privacy, GDPR. This suggests that Koofr respects data sovereignty, i.e., that information is subject to the laws and governance structures within the nation it is collected.

Internxt is also subject to GDPR as a European-based company, demonstrating its commitment to user data privacy and security. The company ensures privacy by providing a zero-knowledge file storage service, meaning only the user can access their files. Furthermore, Internxt emphasizes that they don’t possess or own your data; the user does.

Internxt does not offer branding and customization features

Koofr offers customization and branding options. Users can personalize their download and upload links through a feature called “Branding”. This allows users to align their shared links’ appearance with their brand identity. These features affirm Koofr’s commitment to providing a customizable user experience.

On the other hand, Internxt, does appear to offer some level of customization and branding. They, however, provide advanced file and folder-sharing features, which can pass as a part of customization. Additionally, they have a media area on their website where product images, brand elements, and media assets are available for download.

Koofr vs Internxt
Koofr vs Internxt

Koofr and Internxt have dedicated mobile apps

Koofr has mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms. These apps allow users to easily manage files and folders across devices and cloud storage accounts. They also provide a feature called Koofr Vault, which is accessible as a web application on mobile devices for enhanced data security. The company regularly updates these mobile applications, introducing new features and improvements.

Similarly, Internxt also has mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms. These apps allow users to encrypt, store, back up, view, and send files and photos to the cloud with complete privacy. The Internxt Photos app can run on virtually any mobile device, enabling users to preview documents, browse photo galleries, and access all backups. They also provide seamless file management and secure cloud storage on the go.

Customer support features are similar in both solutions

Koofr provides a contact form on its website where users can send messages directly to it. It also operates a support forum on Reddit where it answers user questions, posts new content, and initiates Koofr-related discussions. In terms of response time, it usually responds to support issues within a few hours, with priority given to paid accounts.

Internxt also offers customer support. Users can contact their team with questions, issues, or feedback. Support is provided through live chat, email, and even phone.

Koofr vs Internxt

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