How To Draft A Form SS-4: Steps to Apply for an EIN

Form SS-4

As an employer, it’s important to know how to manage your business properly. You’ll need to be compliant in managing your payroll and taxes to avoid legal risks. One important Form you need to know about is the SS-4, which helps your employer identification number (EIN).

If you need to know how to draft Form SS-4, this article will help you. 

Step-by-Step Guide On How To Write A Form SS-4

The SS-4 Form is a tax document organizations use to apply for an employer identification number (EIN). While not all businesses need this form, you won’t be able to pay employees or file taxes without it legally. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on what you need in writing Form SS-4:

1. Collect the required information

Before you start preparing this form, you will need to gather the needed information. These are some of the details you need to have with you:

  • Business legal name or trade name
  • Legal classification of your business (Partnership, trust, LLC, etc.)
  • Business physical and mailing address
  • Business owner’s (or assigned party’s) information, such as SSN or individual tax ID number
  • Business start/acquisition date
  • Reason for EIN application
  • Closing month of the business’ accounting year
  • Number of employees planned to have within the next year
  • The line of business or trade

The IRS requires you to confirm whether you have applied for an EIN in the past and if your annual payroll total goes beyond $ 1,000. 

2. Fill out the General Information section of Form SS-4

Once you have the necessary information with you, you can already start drafting Form SS-4. You will need to head over to the general information section of the form. Make sure to fill in your business legal name, address, and trading name on Lines 1 to 6. 

If you need an EIN for a deceased person’s estate or trust, you will need to complete Line 3. The information you need to provide on this line includes the following:

  • Name of the trustee
  • Provide name of the administrator, personal representative, executor, or other fiduciary (for estate of a deceased person)
  • Provide name of designated individual as a “care of” person
  • Use address of “care of” person as Line 4’s mailing address information

You will need to provide the full name and SSN/taxpayer ID of the responsible party of the organization in Line 7. This information is needed to successfully submit your application. 

3. Provide your Business Type information 

Include the correct information when learning how to write Form SS-4 by confirming your business type on Lines 8 and 9. You must specify if you are a sole proprietor, partnership, corporation, government entity, etc. 

You will need to mark the correct checkbox depending on the following:

  • Single-owner LLC: Mark the checkbox and enter your SSN
  • Multiple-owner LLC: Select the Partnership checkbox
  • Corporation or S-Corporation LLC: Choose the
  • Corporation checkbox

Form SS-4

4. Answer the other Business Information sections

After Lines 8 and 9, you will need to include other business details in the succeeding lines:

Line 10: Specify a reason for your EIN application
Line 11: State your business start date
Line 12: Write your organization’s closing month of accounting year
Lines 13 to 15: If you are a sole proprietor, write “0” on Line 13. 

Since Lines 13 to 15 pertains to employees and wages, you will need to include the appropriate information in more detail. 

5. Affix signature on Form SS-4

You will need to sign Form SS-4, depending on the applicable type of entity. 

  • Individual: The individual should sign the form
  • Corporation: The signee should be the president, vice president, or principal officer of the organization
  • Partnership/Government entity/Other unincorporated organization: A responsible or duly authorized member/officer should sign the form
  • Trust/Estate: The fiduciary should be the signee

6. Submit for processing

Once you have completed Form SS-4 creation, make sure to check that it is accurate. After that, you can submit the Form to start processing online, fax, or by mail. 

Take note that receipt of your EIN will depend on the submission method you chose:

Online: You can receive your EIN on the same day via email
Fax: Around four business days
Mail: At least four weeks

To avoid delays, make sure that all the information you submit is correct and accurate.

Free Form SS-4: Application For Employer Identification Number Template

If you are planning to set up a business, you will need to submit IRS Form SS-4 so you can have it linked to your bank accounts. This is why it is so important to know how to create Form SS-4.

You can also use a template to make the process a lot faster. 

Form SS-4 – Application for Employer Identification Number (EIN)

How To Use Fill To Write Form SS-4

As mentioned, having a template can help you write Form SS-4 without starting from scratch. Fill has a template gallery complete with the different IRS forms you need for your business. 

One advantage of using this platForm is that you can easily send the accomplished Form to a specialist to check it. You can also use the online signature tool to finish the entire process and submit the document quickly.

Sign up for a free account today to start using the tool.

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