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Information technology is crucial for businesses of all types as it provides communication efficiency and productivity required for various business operations. This is also why selecting a reliable IT support provider is a vital decision for key stakeholders in a company.

it support contract template

Firms extending IT support primarily act as a third-party service provider able to offer expertise, information, insights, and personnel needed to manage the IT infrastructure of big and small businesses alike.

Equally important is having a legally binding IT support contract that establishes the roles, responsibilities, and expectations of both parties.

Your IT support company should be focused on making sure your technology-enabled solutions remain true to their purpose of providing value to your business, and they can only do this if there’s a solid IT contract in place.

The importance of an IT support contract

IT service contracts are contracts entered by two parties in which the other side offers information technology services in exchange for a set cost. These support contracts ensure that any third-party providers can provide support and tech assistance to keep IT-dependent business processes running smoothly, and any issues resolved in a timely manner.

Without IT system support, employees experiencing tech difficulties are likely to lose time and effort in fixing a problem themselves. Software and hardware issues often need to be diagnosed and repaired by staff with the right tools and expertise, so businesses need to have access to this type of support when they need it.

Additionally, an IT support contract offers financial protection for businesses. If something goes wrong with the IT systems, an outage, or if there’s a breach in data security, an IT support company, depending on the service level agreement (SLA), can be held responsible and liable.

Therefore, a clearly defined IT support agreement can establish a level of confidence to prevent such disastrous situations from occurring.

What an IT support contract covers

The IT support service contract should be the main written agreement between a business and its chosen IT company. This contract should lay out all the important provisions such as:

  • The scope of IT support services provided
  • The IT support contract tiers for administering assistance
  • Pricing details that include how much support time or support requests will be covered
  • Maintenance costs for such software including operating systems, cloud services, a backup system software, and charges for similar services

Fill’s sample IT maintenance contract will guide you on what to include in your agreement so that you can be assured that your interests are protected. We can match your selected IT support contract template to that of your supplier.

This free downloadable IT support contract template allows you to customize sections based on your company’s needs. In no time, you can lay out the important provisions when contracting with an IT support vendor.

Cover page

This IT support contract template begins with a cover page that includes general details with the names and contact information of the business and service provider. It also contains the contract’s effectivity date and a brief description of the services to be rendered.

Terms and conditions

This may contain the terms of termination, detailing under what conditions can either party choose to end the contract. It can also state the consequences of breaking the agreement and other legal provisions.

Scope of services

The scope of services is the section that delves into the specifics of what support options and services will be provided. If the IT company has a tiered system for their services, the client should be made aware of this information.

Charges by the service provider

This is where the client can find the pricing structure and how the service provider will accept payment. This section can also state if there are excess charges for additional services rendered outside of the agreement.

FAQ About IT Support Contract Templates

The IT support contract should include services, software products, and equipment as described. Common items covered include computers, servers, network equipment, software product solutions, software updates, and other services.

There is a big difference between an IT support contract and an SLA. An SLA may be a supplement to your IT support contract that will outline the expectations and responsibilities in terms of service levels, for example, the resolution time or response time, i.e., 24 hours or 99.9% uptime. In contrast, an IT support contract is more focused on the actual services provided by the IT company.

The cost of IT support will depend on the services to be covered, and the length of the agreement. The agreement could be a monthly recurring fee for a certain number of computers or mobile devices, or a fixed hourly rate for services rendered.

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