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Start your franchised business relationship on the right foot with a solid franchise agreement. This template includes all essential elements such as initial franchise fee details, royalty fees, marketing fees, and other ongoing fees. Customize this template to fit your specific franchise system, and have both parties sign for a smooth franchise relationship throughout.
franchise agreement template
Franchise agreements are essential documents when preparing to invest in a franchise. If you have received a promise from a franchisor, you can make the promise in the franchise agreement. A typical franchise agreement defines a relationship between franchisor and franchisee. This legal agreement can serve as a starting point in drafting your own franchising agreement.
Note however, that you need to customize the language to fit your specific purpose since there are different types of franchise business contracts that may be more effective in certain situations than others. Your requirements will vary depending on your industry market position or geographical area.

How a Franchise Agreement Works

Franchise contracts usually have identical components, so it can be tricky though if you are looking for highly special agreements. There are generally elements that set the tone and foundation of relationships between the franchisee’s business and the franchisor’s brand.

If you’re a prospective franchisee, verify that your license agreements contain the appropriate provisions that will assure correctness and completeness, and make sure to find a good franchise lawyer to provide legal professional advice.

Key Elements of Franchise Agreements

Franchise agreements are typically longer and more detailed than other business contracts. The following components are commonly found in franchise agreements:

  • Instructions on the use of the franchisor’s intellectual property
  • The franchisee’s development obligations
  • Fees franchisees must pay the franchisor, including initial fees and continuing fees
  • Restrictions on franchisees, such as location requirements and exclusivity
  • Any restrictive covenants like prohibiting the franchisee from engaging in any competing business

Franchise agreement grants

The rule required that a franchisor provide prospective franchisees with a presale franchise disclosure document, which provides prospective franchisees with information needed for purchase of franchises from a franchise.

A good investment

The franchising of any business must be legally agreed to and reflect the aims of the company. Experience can spot an incorrect agreement in an hour’s notice. Increase your chances at recruiting a qualified candidate by investing in an effective franchise agreement.

Initial franchise fee and royalties

It is the franchisee’s obligation to pay the initial fee and corresponding royalty fees. For the duration of the agreement, your royalty fee will be equal to a certain amount of your gross sales volume subject to the franchisor’s approval. These royalty payments are often paid on a monthly or quarterly basis.


The geographic region for your franchise operations or franchised outlet will be outlined in your contract. It is your express acceptance and commitment that you can conduct business as permitted by a franchise agreement in a jurisdiction within your territory.

FAQ About Franchise System Agreements

Generally, a license agreement includes rights and obligations by the company to license or purchase infringement rights for a company. Amongst the businesses using franchises are convenience stores, fast food outlets, chain restaurants, and services-based businesses.

A franchisee basically purchases ownership of a franchise in the framework of its own system, book and branding. Franchises have established business models which investors want monetized especially by attracting customers through brand reputation.

Most franchisors and franchisees collectively set expectations and guidelines and there are legal and financial issues which need to be considered. Franchises are intended to uphold brand standards within an assigned territory or local area.

In your franchise agreement some of the legal provisions governing your franchise are as follows: products and services authorized by the franchisor, business systems, operations manual, operations procedure, grant of franchise rights and terms, license to operate, trademarks, franchisee’s development obligations, available headquarters support, etc.

Franchise rights usually last several years, but their duration can be variable depending upon the type or amount of business the franchisee has invested in.

A franchise agreement is a legal document that must be signed. There is an agreement that has been reached between franchisors and franchisees to set rules.

There is no need for you to write franchise agreements for your business from scratch. Finding help with understanding franchise contracts and small business laws is simple with Fill.

The cost of hiring a lawyer is much more important. Seeking legal assistance and having a lawyer review and negotiate the terms of a legally binding document can ensure fair terms for all parties involved.

You can instruct franchisees what to do, but since franchise agreements aren’t employment agreements, you can’t control how they actually operate their business day to day.

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