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As more and more couples choose to live together without getting married, it’s essential to ensure that their rights and responsibilities are clearly defined. Enter our user-friendly cohabitation agreement template.
cohabitation agreement template
This free document is designed to make drafting a legally binding agreement for cohabiting couples as straightforward as possible. Using our platform, couples can efficiently address important issues such as finances, property, and support, helping them establish a solid foundation for their future.
This template offers protection to unmarried partners who are living together. Our template helps make your rights legally binding, giving you the protection you need to feel secure and safe. Our template is easy to use and understand, allowing you to customize it to suit your needs.

Secure Your Future Together with a Legal Contract

A nonmarital agreement such as a cohabitation agreement is a great way to keep good records of your relationship or common law marriage and help protect yourself in the event of a dispute. Our template helps make your agreement legally binding, creating an enforceable document that will stand up in court if necessary.

But while our template is designed to help you create a legal agreement, we still recommend that you seek professional legal advice before signing the document to ensure that it meets your needs and is legally sound. Make sure your legal rights are protected even when you’re not legally married to a partner.

Benefits of a Cohabitation Agreement for Unmarried Partners

This written contract is designed to provide couples with a comprehensive legal document that covers all aspects of their relationship. This means that both parties can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that their interests are protected.

Moreover, by working together to create a cohabitation agreement, couples have the opportunity to engage in open and honest discussions, which can help them gain a deeper understanding of each other’s values and expectations.

Cohabitation agreements are an invaluable tool for couples who are living together, as they provide numerous benefits and advantages. For instance, a cohabitation agreement can state that once the couple decides to get married, they will sign a prenuptial agreement. Or when the couple decides to go their separate ways, all bank accounts and property acquired will be divided equally, and so on.

By having this agreement in place, couples can avoid misunderstandings, minimize disputes, and ensure a smooth transition should their marital status or relationship progress (or end), all while protecting their individual rights and assets.

Here are some more benefits and advantages of drawing up a cohabitation agreement.

  • Legal Protection: A cohabitation agreement clearly outlines each partner’s rights and responsibilities, offering legal protection to both parties. This can be especially important in case of a breakup or the death of one partner.
  • Financial Clarity: The agreement can establish how finances will be managed during the relationship, including income, expenses, assets, and debts. This can prevent financial disputes and create a more harmonious living situation.
  • Property Distribution: In the event of a breakup, a cohabitation agreement can stipulate how shared property will be divided, avoiding potentially contentious and costly legal battles.
  • Support Arrangements: The agreement can outline any support obligations, such as spousal support or child support, providing a clear framework for these responsibilities.
  • Improved Communication: Drafting a cohabitation agreement encourages couples to discuss important topics and share their expectations, fostering better communication and a stronger relationship.

Professional document

Fill provides a comprehensive and customizable cohabitation agreement template that is perfect for all cohabiting couples. Our agreement template is professionally crafted and written by experienced professionals, ensuring that your cohabitation agreement is drawn up in a professional manner. Our template includes all of the necessary legal jargon, ensuring that your agreement is legally binding and enforceable.

Customizable agreement

Our customizable cohabitation agreement template allows you to personalize your agreement to fit your needs. With our template, you can customize the agreement to include specific details, such as the division of assets and responsibilities, as well as more general terms and conditions. Our template is easy to use and allows you to make the agreement your own.

Secure and safe

We take your security and privacy seriously. Our cohabitation agreement template is secure and safe, allowing you to rest assured that your data won’t be seen by anyone else. It’s only between the signatories. With our template, you can be sure that your online documents will remain confidential and private.


Our Fill template is designed to save time by streamlining the creation of your cohabitation agreement, allowing you to focus on your relationship. Our pre-filled form covers most of your bases, including financial support, personal property ownership, and other key issues that may crop up between unmarried couples.

FAQs About Cohabitation Agreements

Yes, a properly drafted cohabitation agreement is a legally binding contract that can be enforced in court. When a relationship ends or when a partner dies, it will ensure that a given party will get to exercise their rights.
Yes, cohabitation agreements can be modified or updated as your circumstances change. It’s important to review your agreement periodically to ensure it still reflects your current situation and preferences.
While it’s not required to have a law firm draft your agreement, it’s highly recommended to consult with one to ensure that your document is legally sound and covers all relevant aspects of your relationship, especially those affected by state laws or related legislation.

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