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What Is an Attorney Engagement Letter?

If you’re hiring an attorney to perform legal services on your behalf, you need an attorney engagement letter. In the agreement, you and your attorney should outline the scope of work and the payment terms.

Usually, an attorney will request you for an advance payment to begin the process and a retainer fee to be paid for future services. Sometimes, the attorney can raise an invoice to the client, as necessary, until the services are complete.
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Why Should a Lawyer Always Use an Engagement Letter?

One of the primary reasons why lawyers should always use an engagement letter is to specify the scope of work. The scope of work includes the tasks the lawyer will handle for the client, how long the lawyer will work on the case and the anticipated outcome. This limits the lawyer’s work and the amount of money the client will be spending.

Another reason lawyers should use engagement letters is for billing purposes. The engagement letter outlines the hourly rate or agreed-upon fee for the legal services, which is essential to ensure that both parties know the financial agreement upfront.

When should an Attorney Engagement Letter be sent to the client?

You need an attorney engagement letter before you engage an attorney for your legal proceeding. Before you create a formal agreement, you should create a draft first and discuss that with your prospective attorney and ask if it agrees with the agreement.
Every law firm typically has engagement letters on file. They only need to change a few details for straightforward matters. In a complicated situation involving multiple parties, the attorney may add more terms and conditions and take more time to prepare the agreement.
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Include contact information of both parties

The contract should start with the contact information of both attorney and the client. The information should include the name, address, phone number etc.

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Details of the work

The agreement should mention about the goal of the case and what expectation the client has on the attorney. 

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Duration of the engagement

The agreement must include the duration of the engagement. And what if the engagement needs to be extended, mention the terms for that as well.

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Fees for the services

This is the most important aspect of any agreement. Without proper detail of payment terms, any engagement may lead to disaster. 

FAQ About Our Attorney Engagement Letter Template

An attorney engagement letter is a written agreement that describes the business relationship to be entered into by a client and an attorney. The letter details the scope of the agreement, its terms, and costs. The purpose of an attorney engagement letter is to set expectations on both sides of the agreement.

In many jurisdictions, letters of engagement are mandatory. Why is a letter of engagement necessary? Very importantly, it provides documentary proof in the event of a dispute. It goes without saying that this contract will protect an attorney from clients who keep shifting the goalposts.

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