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Child Care Authorization

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Child Care Authorization Template

It’s a written document completed by the legal guardians of the child to grant an individual or a group of individuals they trust, while they are unable to do so because of some professional obligations. Download our Child Care Authorization Letter template through the link below.
child care authorization template

Why is a Child Care Authorization important?

A child care authorization is a legal document that allows another individual to take care of your child temporarily or to make decisions about your child. Parents only take decision of giving authorization of their kid to someone else when they’re too busy with their personal or professional life.

When Do you Need A Child Care Authorization?

When you think you won’t be able to take care of your kid for a longer period of time. And probably will stay away from your child for a long time, you can think to give responsibility to someone else. 
address the recipient

Address the recipient

Address the recipient if necessary – if you know the only third party that may request permission, for example, a daycare center administration, you may salute them. Otherwise, you may add “To whom it may concern.”

identity parents and child

Identity parents & child

Identify yourself, your child or children, and the individual or organization that will take care of the children – it will be enough to indicate the full names of all people involved.

outline the duties

Outline the duties

Outline the duties the temporary caregiver will be allowed to perform – for instance, they can drive your son or daughter to school, but they cannot go on a trip with your children. If you are going on vacation or have to be absent for several days or weeks for another reason, it is a good idea to provide the person you trust with authorization to make medical decisions on behalf of your children.

duration of authorization

Duration of authorization

State the duration of the authorization. It is recommended to prepare a temporary Child Care Authorization Letter to avoid misunderstandings and show the third party the limitations of permission.

FAQ About Our Child Care Authorization Template

There must be a terminal clause mentioned in the contract, clearly defining in which condition a contract can be terminated. Before signing the contract both parties should discuss that and come to an agreement before signing the contract.

The most common use case is when someone would like to authorize his / her child’s school to release your child to another individual. And a parent would like to give authorization for another individual to make decisions regarding your child in your unexpected absence. This agreement allows someone to temporarily care for or make decisions about your kid, such as allowing a relative to pick up your child from daycare. If you want to grant legal authority to make major decisions, create a POA for child instead. This document is also sometimes called a CCA form or CCA letter.

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