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We’re excited to share with you this easy-to-use template for writing a professional recommendation letter for employment. Whether you are an experienced employee who is assisting a colleague in finding their next dream job or helping someone just starting in the workforce who needs a little guidance when it comes to pushing their career forward, this free downloadable document is the perfect place to start.
recommendation letter for employment template

When it comes to employment and job searching, a strong recommendation from an employer or past supervisor can be critical to success.

Whether you’re applying for a new position, looking to advance in your current role, or just seeking to expand your professional network, getting an endorsement from someone with authority and expertise can help set you apart from the pack.

That’s why it’s so important for job seekers to obtain a great letter of recommendation that emphasizes their unique strengths and qualifications.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows where to begin when it comes to writing a recommendation letter that is effective and compelling.

Luckily, there are resources available online that can help you get started and provide structure and guidance as you get a recommendation letter written.

For example, this downloadable recommendation letter provides a basic format that will allow you to quickly and easily compose a reference that highlights the best qualities of an employee or team member.

Don’t hesitate and download this employment document today and be guided accordingly.

This professionally written sample can be customized to suit your requirements, from choosing your preferred fonts and colors to altering the template text or playing with different layouts to give it a personal touch.

And best of all, it’s available to download instantly via our convenient and secure online platform.

The importance of a letter of recommendation for employment

There are many reasons why a recommendation letter for employment can be an important part of someone’s job application. First and foremost, such a letter adds credibility to a resume by leveraging the experience and expertise of someone you have worked with in the past.

An employer will typically look more closely at a candidate who has a dynamic and well-written reference from a colleague or former manager, rather than simply relying on their own opinion about the applicant’s ability to do the job.

Furthermore, a recommendation letter can help make someone stand out from other candidates competing for the same position. By highlighting this person’s strengths and achievements in detail, it can persuade an employer to choose him or her over other equally qualified candidates.

Parts of an employment recommendation letter template

A well-written recommendation letter can give a person an edge in today’s highly competitive job market, making it essential for any professional looking to progress their career.

Here are several key pieces of information that anyone should make sure to include in the letter:

  • Highlight the individual’s skills and qualifications
  • Work history and timelines
    Strengths and capabilities
  • Situational examples

Don’t forget to finish your reference letter on a positive note, with one or two sentences emphasizing what makes them uniquely suited for the role at hand and how confident you are that they will be successful in their new position. Include your contact details such as phone, email, or company address so they can reach out if they have further questions about the candidate.

Skills and qualifications

First and foremost, it is important to highlight the individual’s skills and qualifications. Read through the job title and job description beforehand and use these as your guide. This may also include things like their technical proficiency, can-do attitude, or their ability to work well under pressure.

Work history

You should also briefly outline their work history, taking care to mention any major projects or accomplishments they have achieved during their time in the field. Ideally, you should also offer some specific examples of why you believe this individual would be a good fit for the position in question.

Strengths and capabilities

When you write recommendation letters, it is important to focus on the strengths and capabilities of the individual. This requires taking a holistic rather than fragmentary view of their abilities, highlighting their unique contributions to the workplace.

Situational examples

It is also important to provide specific examples that demonstrate how these strengths translate into real-world success. For example, you might talk about the individual’s leadership skills, as well as the excellent written and oral communication skills that allow them to interact effectively with colleagues at all levels of an organization.

FAQ about our professional recommendation letter for employment

Typically, a written recommendation can describe your experiences with a colleague or former employee who has made a positive contribution. This letter can serve as an endorsement of their skills, qualities, and capabilities in a professional setting.
No, it is not appropriate for the person being recommended to write their own letter of recommendation. This letter should come from a supervisor or colleague who can attest to one’s qualifications and strengths in an unbiased manner.
Ultimately, a strong letter should leave no doubt in the minds of employers as to why this particular candidate is right for the job. By capturing their full range of abilities and accomplishments, you can help ensure that they get the recognition they deserve and advance their career goals.
When drafting strong recommendation letters, it is crucial to strike a balance between thoroughness and conciseness to effectively highlight the candidate’s strengths and highlight why they are deserving of the vacant position.

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