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This freelance recruiter agreement template is a legally binding contract that clearly states the terms and conditions of a transaction between a freelance recruiter and the client, usually a company needing to hire staff. Before having this document signed, it must be first written out in detail so all parties involved will know their responsibilities, as well as their rights under the contract.
freelance recruiter agreement template

For example, this sample agreement specifies what type of services would be offered by the recruiter, as well as how they should carry out their duties to ensure that they are providing quality leads and finding potential employees for the company. It also discusses how payment arrangements will be made, including invoices for completed work and incidental expenses incurred in the screening process.

The agreement outlines penalties and stipulations regarding late or incomplete payments. It also contains a clause that specifies the conditions for terminating the contract, such as giving prior notice before terminating and the type of legal remedies each party may pursue if terms are breached. If your work involves signing documents related to clients for your recruiting business, download our freelance recruiter agreement template today.

The Importance of a Freelance Recruiter Contract

A freelance recruiter agreement enables the recruiter and client to clearly set out the responsibilities of each party, as well as what penalties are attached in cases where a party fails to meet their obligations. This type of contract will stipulate that payments are made after the employee has been hired by the company or at specified intervals within a project.

Freelance recruiters work like commission-based salespeople, so it is essential to have this contract drawn up before getting started. The client is expected to pay your recruitment agency based on the time spent sourcing and screening candidates or based on a one-off fee for the successful placement of a candidate. This contract should also include any miscellaneous expenses incurred during the screening process, such as travel costs or background checks.

Ensure that your freelance recruiter contract clearly states how much payment will be made, based on hourly rates or a flat fee. This also allows you to clearly state what expenses are allowed under your own contract, such as travel, phone, and background checks, incurred during your recruiting project.

Examining the Contents of the Agreement Between Client and Recruitment Company

The agreement ideally starts with a short description of the services provided by the recruiter, as well as their responsibilities in terms of timelines and strategy. The contract may also include a clause outlining when payment is due, such as after the successful placement of a candidate or at specified intervals during the course of the employment.

For example, when the employee starts out as a contractor and then gets absorbed into full-time, permanent employment. There should be some flexibility built into this clause to allow for unforeseen delays or circumstances that might affect timing.

If you’re still not sure what this agreement is supposed to include, then check out our template on freelance recruiting. We have fillable forms that you can use to create your own legally binding contract.


Recruiters may not disclose confidential information to the client except with the candidate’s express permission. This information may include personal information such as email addresses or telephone numbers. Any violation of the confidentiality clause of these contracts may cause the immediate termination of the freelance recruitment agreement without notice.


The recruitment manager may not communicate with employees at the hiring company to offer additional employment. It includes contacts about other recruiting options that the freelancers can offer them.

Dispute resolutions

The recruiter agrees to seek arbitration to resolve any disputes. A single neutral arbitrator will provide these counsels. If there are no mutually acceptable arbitrators between the two parties, it is okay to seek one arbitrator as long as both parties agree.


Either party may terminate the agreement at any time as long as there is a written notice. This will end any and all obligations of both parties and give the client, or hiring company, the right to sue for any damages caused by non-performance.

FAQ About Freelance Recruiter Agreements

A freelance recruiter is an independent professional who finds and hires candidates for positions at companies. They may be hired hourly to recruit specific positions, or they may take on contract work where they are responsible for filling all open roles within the company at a set price.
You need to build a strong network of contacts and develop your ability to effectively source and screen people undergoing the candidate search process. Additionally, you will need to develop materials like recruiting contracts, job descriptions, and other tools to help you effectively manage the recruiting process.
The critical components of a freelance recruiter agreement include information about the terms and conditions of the contract, such as payment obligations, dispute resolution procedures, and client confidentiality. You may also wish to include specific recruiting activities or requirements that you will be responsible for performing, as well as penalties for non-compliance.
No. Upon successful candidate placement, most reputable recruitment agencies or freelance recruiters will be paid a fee or commission, but they do not take any portion of an employee’s salary. Instead, their compensation is based on the type and length of contract signed between the client and the recruitment company.

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