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Finder’s Fee Agreement

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Finder's Fee Agreement

Sometimes businesses need some valuable business information from external sources. Such information include but not limited to contact info, list of potential clients, and contacts of other companies. Companies hire specific people for this purpose and offers a fee to find some pre-specified information. And the agreement created with the contractor for this activity is called Finder Free Agreement. This agreement helps in the face of future disagreement, preventing any alleged uncertainty.
finders fee agreement template

Why is a Finder's Fee Agreement important?

The sole intention of finder’s Fee agreement is to get interested customers for business through one middleman or mediator who arranges a meeting between the interested person and the person who wants clients.

When Do you Need A Finder's Fee Agreement?

A finder’s fee or referral fee is a commission paid to the person or entity that facilitated a deal by linking up a potential customer with an opportunity. A finder’s fee is a reward and an incentive to motivate the facilitator of the transaction to keep providing referrals to the buyer or seller in the deal.
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Obligations of parties Agreement

In this clause defines the obligation of both the parties which have to perform or legally bind to perform.

commission agreement template

Duration of this agreement

The agreement in this clause clearly defines the duration of this agreement.

commission agreement template

Payment method

The agreement in this clause clearly defines the method and way of the payment paid to the middle man or intimidator.

commission agreement template


As known that confidentiality is the most important part of the contract to prevent a party from disclosing hidden secrets to anyone in this clause defines the confidentiality terms.

FAQ About Our Finder's Fee Agreement Template

Introducer Fee means the fee payable by the Company to the Introducer as set out under “Description of Securities – Introducer’s Shares”. There has to be a mutual agreement before setting up a formal agreement.

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