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Employee Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

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Employee Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)?

Through an employee non-disclosure agreement, an employer can prohibit an employee from revealing proprietary information to a 3rd party. This information includes, but is not limited to trade secrets, customer lists, and any other protected data.

employee non-disclosure agreement nda template

How to Write An Employee NDA?

The sole purpose of the employee NDA agreement is to make clear to employees that they may not disclose your trade secrets without permission. Attorneys recommend that employers use such agreements prior to an employee join the company. If the agreement is with a current employee, lawyers recommend that you give the employee something of value over and above normal salary and benefits.
company trade secrets

Company’s Trade Secrets

This part defines the company’s trade secrets. The employees are not supposed to add anything here.

non disclosure of trade secrets

Non-Disclosure of Trade Secrets

This clause bars the employee from making unauthorized disclosures of your trade secrets. 

confidential information of others

Confidential Information of Others

Employers can remind new employees not to disclose to the company trade secrets learned from prior employers or others. 

return of materials employee non-disclosure agreement

Return of Materials

This section of the agreement defines that the employees return all materials containing trade secrets when they leave the company. 

FAQ About Our Employee Non-Disclosure Agreement Template

The agreement should include the appropriate legal action to be taken against the employee for breaching the contract. Usually this part of the contract is critical to write down. Therefore, you should opt for professional legal help in order to draft this part of the contract.

In the employment context, a non-disclosure agreement (“NDA”) or a confidentiality agreement is a contract between an employer and employee where the employee agrees to not disclose or use confidential information belonging to the company.

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