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After choosing the car you want, the final step of buying it will be the paperwork. Typically this process includes signing car purchase contracts. The following document sample contains everything needed to complete an agreement between your car dealership and the buyer. Like most contracts, you must know everything included in this purchase agreement. It is usually standard practice for sellers and buyers to sign these contracts and legally bind the transaction.
Free vehicle purchase agreement for signing
Car sales average several thousand cars a year, and dealers must see these documents daily. In most cases, consumers sign contracts without reading the terms. You can quickly feel excited about the purchase and accept what the salesman tells you, so make sure you understand what is happening.
Getting the right vehicle, bargaining for fair pricing, and sitting in the financial and insurance offices. The trip is arduous, painful, and often difficult to endure. Another obstacle you might encounter is negotiating your vehicle purchase agreement, which is complicated and confusing to understand for some. Before you sign, take the time to ensure that the contract includes all relevant details of your purchase.

Understanding a Vehicle Purchase Contract

When purchasing a vehicle, it is essential to understand the car purchase agreement. This document outlines the terms of the sale between the buyer and seller, including the price of the car, any additional fees, and the date of delivery. Read through the agreement carefully and ask any questions you have before signing.

Your vehicle purchase agreements should also include information concerning vehicle details, including a unique vehicle number, information on features, and financing details.

Most of your auto-shopping tasks can be checked by this list. Details such as your car not showing visible damage upon inspection, the odometer giving you precise information, and price inclusions being accurate are important to verify to avoid getting a lemon.

To ensure the purchase agreement is fair and in your favor, be prepared to negotiate some terms of the contract. If you feel uncomfortable doing this, many dealerships also offer this service to customers. If you are unsure about anything, do not hesitate to ask questions or seek guidance from a trusted friend or family member.

Elements to Include in Vehicle Purchase Agreements

Usually, these agreements, also known as car sales contract generally consists of details about the buyer, dealer, or car itself. It includes price information and how vehicle payments are handled.

Dealerships usually have a buying agreement before selling their products, which is between buyers and sellers. Alternatively, a private buyer may need to sign a bill-of-sale, a simplified version of a purchase agreement.

Here’s a list of what to include in the description of the acquired vehicle:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Body type
  • Body color
  • Year
  • Mileage
  • Car vehicle identification number (VIN)

Itemized purchase components

This vehicle purchase agreement section aims to give you a clear picture of the vehicle you are buying. Ensure that the information you provide is accurate to avoid confusion later on. Refer to consumer reports when necessary especially when engaging in private party sales.

Purchase price details

It is essential to agree on a purchase price before the dealer accepts your payment. This section of the car sale agreement outlines how much you will be paying for the vehicle, whether this includes sales tax, fees, and payment terms. Make sure the value listed on the sales contract matches the offer made by your car dealership salesperson.

Trade-in value details

If you are trading in a vehicle for your new purchase, include a section in your car purchase contract outlining the trade-in amount and whether this is advantageous for you. Negotiating the value of your trade-in can help you save money on your purchase.

Financing or lease details

Some buyers choose to finance or get a lease-to-purchase agreement for their vehicle instead of paying for it in full upfront. If you are planning to do this, include any specific details about your down payment or financing information in the document.

FAQ About Vehicle Purchase Agreements

A sales contract for a new car is the final contract both the buyer and seller must sign to complete the transaction. For vehicle purchases, you must provide the necessary details of both the vehicle and the sale in simple terms.

Automobile sales agreements can be imperfect. The agreement should be reviewed thoroughly before signing. Look for essential details about the vehicle, such as the make and model, body type and color, mileage or engine condition. You should also check that all costs of the transaction are included in the agreement.
Yes, you can draft and customize your own vehicle sales agreement. Use our example template by clicking any of the links on this page. You’ll only have to update it with the vehicle details, review it, and sign it. Additionally, some car dealers may have their own standard form contracts that are easy to fill in.

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