Unlimited Envelopes: Sign Multiple Documents at Once

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Document envelopes can drastically improve workflow. Instead of having separate signature requests, you can send multiple documents to a single recipient in one go. Not only does it help save time, but it also makes monitoring and following up less tedious.

Envelopes can help you simplify your contract signing process by sending all the necessary documents in one secure package. With Fill’s unlimited envelopes, your opportunities are limitless. There’s no need to worry about exceeding limits or paying extra fees for additional pages.

But first, let’s dive deeper into this feature.

What Is a Fill eSignature Envelope?

Like its paper counterpart, you can use a Fill envelope to enclose and send documents for signing. Think of it as a virtual container that can hold specific types of electronic data, including Word files and PDFs. But instead of physically handing it over, you have it delivered directly to your recipient’s email address.

An envelope also contains detailed information about the recipients, including those who have viewed and signed its contents. As the sender, you get convenience and peace of mind since you can monitor your document’s progress in real time.

How to Send an Envelope

What’s great about Fill is you can send unlimited envelopes to an individual as well as multiple recipients.

To send an envelope, you need to:

  1. Go to the Fill website and sign in using your existing account.
  2. From the dashboard, click Start Now.
  3. Under the Sign option, click Request Signature.

4. Upload one or more documents from your computer. You may upload files in PDF, Word, PNG, or JPG format.

5. Name or label your envelope (e.g., Sales Contracts). Click Next.

6. Specify the recipients and set your desired signing order.

7. Indicate the due date. You may also include a custom message.

8. Click Continue. Navigate from one document to another by clicking the titles in the right panel.

9. Drag and drop your desired fields onto the document. Remember to include at least one required signature field for each signer.



10. When you are all set to send the envelope, click Send.

Even without a Fill account, your signers can still open your envelope and fulfill your eSignature request. The recipient will also receive an email containing the signed copy, audit trail, and certificate of completion.

How to Apply a Template to an Envelope

A template can speed up document signing by cutting the time needed to input information. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to apply a template to an electronic envelope.

  1. Follow the same steps listed above, but this time, after clicking Send, you must click Save as Template first.
  2. Now, go to Tools > Templates.
  3. Find and select the envelope template from the list.
  4. Click Request Signature.
  5. Specify your signer’s name and email.
  6. Set the due date. Click Continue.
  7. Preview the template and edit the existing fields as necessary.
  8. After applying the necessary changes, click Send.

With templates, you won’t have to re-upload the same documents and simply access them from the template gallery.

Receiving Envelopes

To receive an envelope, you simply ask the sender to address the request to your email. After receiving the request, here’s what you need to do.

  1. Check your email inbox.
  2. Open the envelope to read the request.
  3. Fill out the forms and sign everything that needs to be signed.
  4. Click Done. By now, you should receive an email containing a copy of your signed documents.
  5. If you want to split the document into separate files, click Print. (Note: This will only work on supported browsers like Edge and Chrome.)
  6. Under the Print dialog, go to Destination and select Save as PDF.
  7. Under Pages, select Custom. Enter all the pages you want to save as a single file (e.g., 1-5).
  8. Click Save.

If you want more control over your signed documents, go to the Fill website and sign up for an account. This allows you to check your envelope’s audit report and create your own templates for frequently used documents like agreements.

3 Practical Benefits of Using Envelopes

1. Improves workflow efficiency

Putting documents in envelopes allows you to streamline requests, making it easier to track progress. This way, you can save time collecting signatures while eliminating redundancies. You can also speed up transactions and ensure that no document is left unsigned.

2. Reduces business costs

With unlimited envelopes, you can save money by not paying for pricey upgrades. As long as you have an app like Fill, you can enjoy borderless document signing and bulk request sending. Plus, you can tailor your plan to include features that can help optimize your business efficiency.

3. Minimizes errors

Instead of sending requests in separate emails, you can bundle them up to create a single request. This way, you can prevent miscommunications among recipients. You can also avoid errors that usually come with sending paper mail. It’s also easier for signatories to track down and correct mistakes since everything is compiled in one place.

How Do Fill Envelopes Compare With Other Envelopes?

With our eSignature app, you have the advantage of sending unlimited envelopes. There’s no need to wait until the next month or until your limit resets. You can also have your recipients complete your requests from anywhere, at any time. With this, you have the flexibility to work on projects quickly and efficiently.

Plus, it makes signing documents more convenient for your recipients since they can do so in bulk. All you need to do is compile all the necessary files in one envelope.

Send Unlimited Envelopes With Fill

Stop worrying about limits and shift your focus to becoming more productive. With Fill, you will never have to worry about paying overage charges. You won’t have to restrain yourself from sending another business proposal. So why miss the opportunity to close more deals and increase sales when you have a tool that fully supports your business’ growth?

With our eSignature app, you won’t have to spend more to do more. You can also create legally binding documents securely without the costly paperwork.

Fill makes it easier to send, sign, and track documents digitally. With no limit on the number of envelopes you can send, you can rely on this feature to improve your workflow.

Start using our app today.

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