Unlimited Envelopes

Enclose and send multiple documents for signing in one secure package.

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Send multiple documents in one envelope

Simplify your workflow by sending multiple documents in envelopes to a single recipient. Enjoy the efficiency of unlimited envelope requests without monthly limit resets, making contract monitoring and follow-up hassle-free.

How to send an envelope on Fill

More than one document makes an envelope. So, instead of having separate signature requests, send multiple documents to a single recipient at a go.


In your dashboard, click Start Now and choose Request Signature. Upload one or more documents from your computer.



After uploading your document, Fill will automatically group them into one envelope. Simply name or label the envelope as needed.



Add the signers and add fillable fields to the document if necessary. When you’re all set, click Send to start the transmission.


Avoid cluttering your recipient’s inbox

Bundle your documents into a single, organized Fill envelope and avoid bombarding your recipients with countless email notifications. Sending multiple documents in one envelope helps reduce clutter in your signers’ inbox and ensures that no important document you send gets overlooked or lost in the mail.

Ensure timely completion of documents

Simplify your document signing process by sending all your paperwork in one Fill envelope. By doing so, your signers can go through everything that needs signing in one sitting, eliminating the need for multiple interactions and preventing potential delays.

Boost professionalism with unlimited envelopes

Deliver a seamless and user-friendly signing experience for your clients with unlimited envelopes. By presenting all the necessary documents in a coherent package, you show that you value their time and are considerate of their convenience.

Send unlimited envelopes with Fill

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