PDF24 vs. PDFsam

PDF24 vs. PDFsam

The main difference between PDF24 vs. PDFsam are in its features. Although both are PDF editing tools, they do not share the same features. Let’s dive in and check what makes each option different from the other. You’ll also get a third option at the end of this article.

PDF24 vs. PDFsam Comparison



Merge Documents

Supported Platforms



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Merge and Split PDF Documents

When it comes to merging and splitting documents, this PDF24 vs PDFsam guide reveals that both have equally similar features. PDFsam Basic offers advanced splitting features. There is also the option to split PDF files by size, text, bookmarks, page range, and odd/even pages. You can also mix alternate pages of two PDF files. 

PDF24 Creator also allows you to extract pages and creates PDF forms. So in this metric, both have similar features to offer to its users. 

Supported Platforms

When it comes to the platforms they support, PDFsam Basic is a good alternative to PDF24 Creator. Even though the two are desktop software solutions, only one offers an iOS and Android app option. PDFsam Basic lets users download their iOS or Android app so they can edit documents on the go.

PDF24 Creator only has three platforms it supports: Windows, Mac, and Linux. PDFsam, on the other hand, gives its users access to its tool via a mobile device or a Chromebook. You won’t be able to use PDF24 Creator on a smartphone so you won’t be able to edit on the go.

Headers and Footers

In this part of this PDF24 and PDFsam comparison, let’s talk about adding headers and footers to a PDF file. A clear winner stands out in this feature, which is PDF24 Creator. The PDF editor allows its users to add a header and footer on the free account. 

This is contrary to PDFsam Basic, which does not offer this feature to its users. If you would like this feature to be available, you will need to sign up for the PDFsam Enhanced plan. Unfortunately, this also means you’ll have to pay for using the service. 

PDF24 vs. PDFsam

File Size and Limitations

Another section where PDF24 Creator serves as a suitable PDFsam alternative is with its file size and limitations. This is because PDFsam Basic has a 10MB file size limitation when splitting PDF files. PDF24 Creator does not have a limit for this. 


When it comes to its pricing, this PDFsam vs. PDF24 Creator comparison gets difficult to use. This is because the two editors offer a free account. They do not have any paid plan options. 

PDFsam Basic is referred to as a free and open-source software. This means that it can be developed in a collaborative and public manner. 

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for PDF24 Creator. Although it is free, this tool is not completely open-source.

Customer support

As for customer support, PDFsam is a better PDF24 alternative. The two editors offer the same support methods: website, send message, and Help Center. Out of the two, however, PDFsam gives its users more information on their website. 

If you are looking for more information about the PDF editor tool you are using, you can visit their site. This lets you save time in waiting for a response to your concern. 

PDF24 vs. PDFsam

Check Out Fill

Here’s another alternative to PDFsam: Fill. This PDF editor also offers a free account to users. But it has more features compared to the two options. Some of them include a template library, mobile app compatibility, and HIPAA compliance.

One of the most important features you would need from an editor is the option to sign a document. In comparing PDF24 vs PDFsam, we learned that neither offers this functionality. But you can get this with Fill.

Try to assess which PDF editing features you need most. Once you’ve listed that down, you can check out Fill as one of your top choices for a PDF editor. 

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Andria is a seasoned content writer, specializing in document management solutions and HIPAA compliance, providing valuable insights for businesses and professionals alike.

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