PDF24 vs. iLovePDF

by Andria Pacina
PDF24 vs. iLovePDF

Although they are web-based tools, the main difference between PDF24 vs. iLovePDF lies on their available features. Since PDF24 offers a free account, it limits itself to basic PDF editing tools. Here’s how iLovePDF separates itself from PDF24. 

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PDF24 and iLovePDF are a couple of popular web-based PDF editors that come with different features. PDF24 is a web-based tool that limits your ability to fully use it. Meanwhile, iLovePDF comes with a mobile app so you can easily access documents.

Here’s how these two tools differ.

Merge and Split PDF Documents

When it comes to comparing PDF24 and iLovePDF, it’s important to assess them based on their key functionality. As a PDF editor, you must use a tool that lets you merge and split files. While this is a feature that is available to both editors, one does it better than the other.

iLovePDF has more advanced features compared to PDF24 since it allows specifying certain pages to split up or merge. It also allows users to set the order of the pages. 

Meanwhile, this feature is not available on PDF24. You only get the standard feature of merging multiple documents into one. It also lets you split PDF documents into several files. 

Headers and Footers

Another feature that PDF24 and iLovePDF have in common is the ability to add headers and footers. But out of the two, iLovePDF gives you the ability to select the position of the header and footer. 

You can also choose the font and size according to their preference. The PDF editor also lets you add text or images to these sections. 

On the other hand, PDF24 gives you an option to add page numbers via the PDF24 Online Tools software. The feature is not part of the free PDF24 tool.  

Annotation Tools

The annotation tool feature is another section where you can compare iLovePDF vs. PDF24. These two tools have available annotation tools.

The annotation tool feature is available on PDF24 Online Tools, a set of editing tools for the software. With it, you can highlight, strike out, underline, and add a comment to the PDF file. 

These are the same features you can use on iLovePDF’s annotation tool. What’s even more is that you can add shapes and arrows and draw on the document.

PDF24 vs. iLovePDF

Password Protection

iLovePDF and PDF24 both give access to their password protection features. Again, you can only access this feature when you use PDF24 Online Tools. Still, it allows you to choose the password you wish to use: text or image. The feature also allows you to adjust the position of the password, size, and font. 

Meanwhile, you can use the password protection feature on iLovePDF via the Protect PDF tool. This tool lets you change the password position, size, and font. 

In this aspect of the PDF24 and iLovePDF comparison guide, it’s important to note that the latter offers a free and paid version. The paid feature comes with other tools that make it a worthwhile investment

Cloud Integration

iLovePDF offers cloud integration. With this feature, you can access your files wherever you are, thanks to the cloud service. You can access files via your Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox accounts. 

Mobile Compatibility

One important comparison to consider is the mobile compatibility of these two editing tools. Since PDF24 is a web-based tool, you can use it on any OS and smartphone model. They do not offer a stand-alone mobile app though.

Meanwhile, iLovePDF has a dedicated mobile app for both iOS and Android device users. Through this, you can edit your PDF files while you are on the road. 


The biggest factor that affects this PDF24 vs. iLovePDF comparison has to do with their pricing. PDF24 is a free software that lets you use the basic features of creating and editing a PDF document. There is also a paid version that comes with more features, like PDF editing tools and OCR. 

Like PDF24, iLovePDF has a free and paid version. Although the free version is capable of basic edits and functions, the paid version can do much better things. iLovePDF’s paid version starts at $6 per user per month. This gives you priority support, no ads, and unlimited file size. 

PDF24 vs. iLovePDF

Fill: Alternative PDF Editor

There are plenty of reasons why you should consider using Fill. Like PDF24 and iLovePDF, Fill offers a free and paid account. You gain access to a host of features like unlimited envelopes and custom branding. Through this, you’ll be able to get things done right away. 

Fill also has a template library, so you won’t have to write your documents from scratch. Other features to look out for on Fill include its single identity verification. Sign up for an account today to learn more about Fill. 

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