Juro vs. PandaDoc

Juro vs. PandaDoc

The main difference between Juro and PandaDoc lies in their approach to integrations. Juro prides itself on its integration suite of over 5000 tools. While PandaDoc focuses on providing key integrations that streamline the contract lifecycle.

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Juro vs. PandaDoc Comparison

 Electronic Signature IntegrationContract RepositoryBulk Signing CapabilityReporting and Analytics


In our comparison of Juro vs. PandaDoc, both provide unique benefits in terms of compliance.

Juro’s compliance features stand out with a SOC2 Type 2 certification and Cyber Essentials accreditation. It means Juro is highly trusted and secure. Plus, any data you put into the system gets stored on AWS servers. These servers have ISO27001 compliance, giving you an extra layer of data security. 

On the other hand, PandaDoc also excels in compliance features that instill a sense of security and confidence in its users. Like Juro, PandaDoc is also backed by SOC 2 certification. In addition, PandaDoc is compliant with E-Sign, UETA, and HIPAA regulations. This range of compliances justifies why users can sign documents on PandaDoc with absolute assurance.

Document Storage

When examining PandaDoc vs. Juro, it’s essential to consider the document storage capabilities of both platforms.

As a PandaDoc alternative, Juro is perfect for small to medium-sized businesses. It provides a flexible document storage solution accommodating hundreds of thousands of contracts.

The exact amount of storage can be customized according to your needs. All the specifics will be clarified once you discuss your requirements with the Juro team.

On the other hand, PandaDoc swings big with its storage capacity. Ideally suited for medium to large enterprises, PandaDoc offers storage space for millions of documents. It means even if your company has a very high contract throughput, PandaDoc will not run out of space.

Contract Repository

It’s worth noting that complex contract management isn’t Juro’s strongest suit. Tasks such as searching, team cooperation, document sharing, and workflow processes can be taxing or even impossible.

Think of Juro as a digital spreadsheet. For instance, information stored within it can’t set up timely reminders nor support esignature capabilities.

PandaDoc brings its unique features to the table. With its well-designed document repository, you can import, store, and categorize all your contracts and associated documents in one convenient, easy-to-access location.

PandaDoc also has a powerful search and filtering system, making it easy to find documents instantly. So, whether you need a document at a specific moment or want to ensure it’s stored correctly, PandaDoc has got you covered.

Juro vs. PandaDoc


Juro prides itself on its highly flexible integrations. The platform enables you to devise ideal business workflows by integrating an impressive suite of over 5000 tools. This includes Zapier, Salesforce, and popular ones like Hubspot and Slack.

As a Juro alternative, PandaDoc shines with its built-in CRM integrations, designed to make your document workflow hassle-free. Because of these integrations, PandaDoc keeps your data consistent, ensuring smooth document management.

In effect, you’ll get a contract management experience that’s synchronized and dependable with PandaDoc.

Workflow Automation

With its easy-to-use API, Juro enables effortless integration of your contracts with different systems. It allows the creation of custom actions, enhancing your contract workflow efficiency.

On the other hand, PandaDoc offers a user-friendly and streamlined process. It makes regulating approvals, order of signings, and user permissions easy, fostering team unity and eliminating challenging tasks.

Audit Trails and Logs 

Let’s weigh Juro vs. PandaDoc, focusing on their audit trails and logs functionality. They both offer these features but in different ways.

As an alternative to PandaDoc, Juro excels with its strong auditing capabilities. Every change to an agreement is recorded, keeping you informed about who modified a contract and when. This detailed tracking makes it easy to trace contract changes, promoting accountability within your team.

PandaDoc features immediate audit trails. You get instant notifications about various activities, such as the approval process, added comments, and document version changes. Additionally, PandaDoc uses smart features like variables and conditional logic to avoid document errors easily.

Customizable Branding

Juro provides its users the ability to tailor their contracts according to their brand’s aesthetics. Fonts, colors, logos, and more, everything can be refined to align with the company’s visual identity.

On the other hand, PandaDoc has its own set of customization features. These include adjustable themes, templates, content libraries, and even catalogs.

Team Collaboration

When comparing Juro vs. PandaDoc, both excel in team collaboration. They know how important it is for your team to stay connected.

Juro does this brilliantly with smart notifications and comments to keep everyone in the loop in real time.

PandaDoc, on the other hand, provides a built-in messenger allowing team members to discuss contract details within the document.

Juro vs. PandaDoc

Fill: The Best Alternative to Juro

If you’re thinking about Juro, don’t forget to consider Fill. This platform might be your perfect match if you value ease of use, speed, and reliability.

With Fill at your side, drafting contracts from scratch becomes a thing of the past. Thanks to a vast selection of professionally drafted contract templates, your business has the power to accelerate transactions promptly.

Fill goes a step further to elevate customization, enabling you to personalize fields and assign signers as per your business requirements. Yet the perks don’t end here; the system also allows for automation setup. This feature can be a game-changer for your organization, streamlining repetitive tasks while eradicating manual paperwork. 

When it comes to audit reports, Fill surpasses manual methods. It lets you automate these reports, eliminating errors caused by labor-intensive tasks. So, when considering Juro or PandaDoc, think of Fill as your trump card!

Sign up for a free account today to try Fill’s impressive features.

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