How to Write DS-5525 Statement of Special Family Circumstances


If you’re applying for a US passport for a minor, you’ll probably encounter the DS-5525—and it shouldn’t be a source of confusion. It is, in fact, a chance to articulate your unique family circumstances and strengthen the application.

Crafting the DS-5525 statement may seem intimidating if you don’t know where to start. Thankfully, there are free templates available online, including the one offered by Fill. In this guide, we’ll show you how to draft DS-5525 statement of special family circumstances. You’ll learn what to include, common mistakes to avoid, and more.


How to Write A DS-5525 Statement of Special Family Circumstances

The truth is, there’s nothing too intimidating about writing statement of special family circumstances. It’s simple:

1. Obtain the DS-5525 form

Go to the US Department of State’s official website to download the form or visit the U.S. Embassy or Consulate. As mentioned earlier, Fill also offers templates free of charge, including the DS-5525.

2. Read the instructions

Make sure you fully understand the purpose of the DS-5525 statement. Read the instructions in the form carefully and take note of the specific circumstances the statement addresses. If uncertain about the content or format of your DS-5525 statement, it might be best to consult an immigration attorney.

3. Fill out the form

Provide all the information required in the form. This includes basic information, parental information, relevant signatures, and the reason for your request to issue a US passport. Present verifiable facts and evidence to substantiate your claims. Avoid emotional appeals without any concrete documentation.

4. Submit the form

Submit the form online or by mail. Include all supporting documentation as well as check or money order for the appropriate fee. Wait for a response as officials go through your application.

It’s always best to submit documents on time, the DS-5525 included, to avoid delays in the processing of your application. Processing takes several weeks. Once approved, you’ll receive the minor’s passport via mail. Should there be any issues, expect the State Department to contact you for clarification.

Free DS-5525 Statement of Special Family Circumstances Template

At Fill, we understand that some people may not know how to create DS-5525 statement of special family circumstances. We aim to simplify the process by providing a free template.

Let our template serve as a structured framework for drafting statements of special family circumstances. It’s free, customizable, and easy to understand. To create a compelling DS-5525, don’t forget to include all the necessary elements discussed earlier.

DS-5525 – Statement of Special Family Circumstances

What to Include When Writing a DS-5525 Statement of Special Family Circumstances

What are the vital components of DS-5525 statement of special family circumstances creation? Have a look:

Reason for request

This is a detailed explanation of why you’re requesting a U.S. passport book and/or card without the non-applying parent/guardian’s consent. It reflects the very reason you are drafting this DS-5525 document.

Supporting documents

What are the supporting documents that validate the special circumstances outlined in your statement? This may include a divorce decree, restraining order, protection order, evidence of incarceration, etc.

Attempts to contact non-applying parent

Did you ever attempt to locate the non-applying parent? How did it go? Immigration officials want to know when and how many times you did it, whether by mail, phone, email, or social media.


Utilize Fill For Your DS-5525 Statement of Special Family Circumstances

Let Fill be your ally when advocating for your family’s case. Harness our platform to complete your DS-5525 correctly. Don’t know how to draft DS 5525? All you need to do is sign up to Fill for free to access our template. If you have any queries or need assistance, feel free to reach out to us.

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