The Best Form Filling App to Fill Out Forms Online

apps to fill out forms

Why go through the trouble of printing documents and manually writing down your information when digital methods are accessible via mobile phone and computer? Paper-based forms are slowly becoming a thing of the past as many opt to use apps to fill out forms. Form-filling apps save you time while improving data accuracy and ensuring maximum protection.

Below, we’ve listed our top picks for the best free and paid apps to fill out forms online — freeing you from the dreary process of filling every mandatory field by hand.

Best Free Apps to Fill Out Forms

Switching to digital solutions doesn’t necessarily mean breaking the bank. In fact, you can find a lot of apps to fill out forms that require no initial investment. Yes, you can use them for free.


DocFly is a free and easy-to-use form filling app that lets you add, erase, and highlight text in your online forms. To use it, you simply need to upload your file and use the tools available to fill out the blank fields. Do note that free users can only export up to three files. If you need to fill out more documents, you have to upgrade to their paid version.


apps to fill out forms

PDFescape is another platform that offers a free PDF form filler solution. For a free form filling app, it offers quite a comprehensive suite of features, including various tools for editing and annotation. You can also export the file to your local drive.

Soda PDF Form Filler

Soda PDF Form Filler also boasts a rich user interface, and you aren’t required to register to gain access to its online dashboard. While using this app, note that not everything you see on its menu is free to use. Also, you cannot download and save the filled-out form to your computer unless you pay per download. You can, however, send the forms you’ve filled out via email for free at no extra cost. 

Best Paid Apps to Fill Out Forms

Although you can use free apps to fill out forms, the features are usually very limited compared to their paid counterparts. They are great if you only need to use them occasionally. However, if you deal with a ton of forms on a regular basis, investing in paid plans might be worth it.


apps to fill out forms

Fill is an advanced form filler app with a built-in PDF editor and eSignature maker. This tool doesn’t only boast a user-friendly interface, but it also offers robust security features to ensure the utmost privacy of your data.

You can use this app to automatically populate fields using the data that you’ve previously entered or stored. You can also take advantage of this app’s guided signing feature to significantly reduce the risks of errors and ensure that every mandatory field is filled out with the correct information.

Pricing for Fill starts at $8.33 per month.


DocuSign is more than just an electronic signature application. You can also use it to edit PDFs and fill out forms. With this app, you can pre-fill forms using the data from your existing documents. It also features a step-by-step guided experience so you won’t feel lost while signing complex forms with lengthy pages.

Pricing for DocuSign starts at $15 per month.


Signaturely boasts a user-friendly interface. With it, you can fill and sign forms online and keep track of your document activity in real-time. You can also integrate this app on existing apps or software like OneDrive and Dropbox, making it easier for you to fill out forms without switching apps.

Pricing for Signaturely starts at $16 per month.

How to Fill Out a Form Online Using Fill

With Fill, filling out forms can be as easy as ABC. There are no complicated processes involved, and our platform features an intuitive interface, so you don’t need extensive technical experience to navigate it.

Here’s how to fill out a form online using Fill:

  1. Log in to your account. If you don’t have one yet, feel free to sign up.
  2. On the upper left-hand side of the dashboard, click Start Now.
  3. Select New Form.
  4. You can upload a PDF document, create a new form from scratch, or use AI to build your online form.
  5. Simply drag and drop the appropriate fillable fields to the document you want you and your respondents to fill out.
  6. Once you’re happy with how it looks, click Save.
  7. Make sure you activate your form so you can start filling it out or share it with other respondents.
  8. After filling out the form, a copy will be sent to your email.

apps to fill out forms

How to Fill Out a Form Online Without Printing

With technology, it’s definitely possible to fill out a PDF form without printing. A feature-rich form-filling app can help you do the job. Simply upload the document to the platform, and it will automatically let you fill out the form on the computer.

Fill Out Forms Seamlessly with Fill

When looking for apps to fill out forms online, you shouldn’t settle for less. Always go for one that can provide you with the best features and functionality, especially if you’re planning to use it regularly for filling and signing forms that include your personal data. 

With Fill, you can fill out forms and sign documents securely. Our bank-level encryption can help keep your private information safe from identity thieves and digital scammers. Start using Fill today.

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