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Release Date: April 18, 2023

Fill 3.5.2 is set to make document creation and automation for you even more streamlined and expeditious.

With our recent update, you can now auto-fill forms to eliminate manually typing every information you need in each field. In addition, we’ve made enhancements for easier web navigation, improved user experience when signing a template, and more.

To know more about what Fill 3.5.2 has to give you, let’s discuss its key additions below.

What’s New With Fill 3.5.2?

Our integrated tool’s most recent update allows users to create documents and forms faster and effortlessly. Fill 3.5.2 is inclusive of the following improvements:

  • Updated dashboard view
  • Recipient experience for template owner
  • Auto-fill functionality
  • Search bar in online forms
  • Trial expired scenarios

Updated Dashboard View

Our redesigned dashboard is set to provide users with a more intuitive and streamlined experience.

With our dashboard redesign, users can now view all their documents at a glance. On top of this, users can quickly access each document sorted by their current and color-coded status. This enables you to track which documents are pending signatures or are way past the due date.

Recipient Experience for Template Owner

It could be confusing for template owners and signers when it’s time to edit signer fields for recipients. After all, the owner of the template would first need to complete the document signing. After that, it’s the only time the owner can review a recipient’s signer fields and send the document.

As such, Fill’s update made it possible for a template’s owner to experience the signing process from a recipient’s perspective.

In essence, the owner can edit the document either as the “disclosing party” or the “receiving party.” This reduces confusion on the part of the template owner and further makes document creation a breeze.

Auto-fill functionality

With this new feature, you’ll be greeted with an option to auto-fill documents before proceeding to edit your chosen template. If you opt for the auto-fill functionality, you can automatically fill out fields assigned to you as the document owner. The information that will be provided is based on the data we have on file for you.

Automating the document by pre-filling out fields allows you to complete your documents more swiftly and with minimal effort.

Search Bar in Online Forms

It can be quite challenging to look through an entire document just to spot what you’re searching for quickly. With the new search bar, you can now search for data within an online form without hassle.

The search option for online forms makes it much simpler and straightforward to find the data you need. This includes a respondent’s completed form, name, email, or best contact phone number.

Trial Expired Scenarios

Should you choose not to upgrade to a paid subscription after your trial expires, your Fill account will be preserved. You could still access your account and view your signed documents. However, you will have limited access to certain features.

Hence, if your free trial expires and not yet ready to do a subscription upgrade, here are the following scenarios:

  • You will no longer be able to download, print, share, create, and update your “Only You” document.
  • You can no longer create, update, resend, and send “Request Signature.”
  • You will no longer be able to use a template, and online forms will be disabled and can’t be re-activated.
  • If you receive a request signature document, then you will still be able to fill out and complete the document.

Fill: An eSignature Tool to Simplify Document Creation

Fill 3.5.2. aims to offer more and better ways for users to streamline their workflow. With our recent updates, it’s guaranteed that your document creation and signing process allows for a speedier document management.

You can now auto-fill contracts and pre-fill documents. With our repurposed dashboard, you can quickly see all your documents and monitor their progress. If you need to look for specific information within an online form, our new search bar will seamlessly do the job.

Finally, our additional feature will allow you to have a signing experience from a recipient’s viewpoint. In consequence, it eliminates confusion during the document creation and editing phase. Fill 3.5.2 is tailored specifically for enhanced user experience through these new and functional features.

Experience Fill in its latest and most improved version. Sign up for a free account today.

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