How To Send A Document For Electronic Signature

How to Scan and Send a Document on Your Phone

Send important documents over to your associates and clients using Fill. Fill has been providing quality electronic signature services in numerous parts of the world and managed to accumulate a customer base that exceeds millions of people. Fill is known for its efficiency and authenticity when dealing with documents that are of high importance. You can trust Fill for all your signatures which will promote both convenience and productivity while working. A lot of people have changed their approach to work by getting associated with FIll and now it is your turn to do so. 

Troubles related to acquiring signatures offline

The traditional method of acquiring signatures comes with a plethora of limitations. The first obstacle in the process is handling paperwork, printing them and storing them. After that, employees have to physically move those documents from one place to another and set up meetings so that they can acquire signatures from the concerned individuals. This ends up taking a lot of time from one’s daily schedule and seeing how competitive businesses are these days it is not a practical option to continue on this path. This is where electronic signatures come in to save the day and save employees from all the trouble they have to go through for a single signature. 

Online means as a convenient option

Nowadays, people usually opt for the digital process of sending and signing documents. This has made the process of acquiring signatures very easy on the employees. Signing documents electronically is made easy by services like Fill and you can sign any document with the click of a few buttons. Whenever you are to request signatures from someone, you can simply send over the documents by simply sitting on your desk and working on a smartphone or desktop. This saves employees a lot of time and they can use that to take care of their other duties and responsibilities. 

Fill to collect signatures

Fill provides the most comprehensive service when it comes to signature request online. Fill is not meant to simply add signatures or to add signature fields. It is full of features that will help you in the process of documentation giving you better convenience of working from your desk. Customer’s of Fill have noticed a serious boost in productivity after opting for Fill eSignature services and workplace as well as customer satisfaction has been positively influenced due to such excellent services.  

Why choose Fill?

There are a lot of electronic signature service providers in the market these days. However, not every service can match the efficiency as well as convenience that Fill provides to its users. Fill will assist you in the whole process starting from creating documents, adding fields for signatures, sending them over to associates and clients and monitoring further activity on the document. Fill makes it possible for you to do all of this by simply subscribing to their services. This is the reason Fill has seen substantial growth in its customer base over a very short period of time.

How to collect signatures with Fill

Using Fill is super easy. They have an easy to interface that guides you through the entire process. You don’t need to spend a lot of time figuring out how Fill works. Anyone with a basic knowledge of handling a smartphone or a desktop can easily use Fill to take care of all their paperwork. 

Advantages of choosing Fill for getting signatures on documents 


Faster process of handling paperwork

Fill provides you with a faster process of doing all your paperwork and get signatures easily as well. You will be working at least 4 times faster than before with Fill’s services. This means that you will be able to get more of your work done in a shorter period of time which will make you a beast when it comes to productivity.

Easier and safer access to important files

Whenever a document requires a person’s signature on it, the documents are usually of high importance. One cannot take any chances when it comes to security with these types of documents. Fill makes it easier to be cautious and get your work done faster as well. Fill uses a digitally encrypted cloud storage which means that no one can access your important files without proper authentication. All of your transactions will proceed in a secured manner with Fill.

Track any further activities that takes place in the documents

You can not only send documents and add signatures, but you can also track the documents for any activity that takes place. You will be notified whenever a signature has been made on the document. You can be updated about signatures leading to better accountability.

Contribute to the environment by cutting back on the use of papers

Paperwork is not only bothersome but it also contributes to causes that are degrading the environment. Using services like Fill helps you to get rid of a lot of paper in your office. You will be able to cut out a lot of expenses when using Fill which will compensate more than what you will pay for a subscription. It is not only a smart move but also a step towards contributing to a global cause. 

Fill is one of the best electronic signature service providers out there. Choose Fill and watch your work become easier than ever before. Fill has managed to help a lot of businesses to upgrade their working process. Jump on the digital bandwagon and choose Fill for all your future signings. 

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