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Our eSignature platform either meets global security and privacy standards & follows industry best practices. 


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Insurance is a part of the financial sector which is usually stereotyped as a slow and tiresome process. However, digitization of insurance related transactions are increasingly being adopted by the financial sector in order to increase the pace of work. Fill e signatures provides you with easy solutions for all the hassles of insurance work. Get twice the work done in half the time with fill and make the most out of your working hours. 

Being an insurance agent is a position that involves a lot of hard work as well as crucial responsibilities. It is not easy to deal with a spectrum of clients on a daily basis and make sure that everything works just right. Fill e signatures saves a lot of trouble that agencies usually face in their dealings. Implementing e-signatures into their daily transactions saves a lot of time that is taken up by the usual physical mode of transactions. Arranging and staying up to date with files from work becomes seamless with fill. Now you can make sure that you get your work done without worrying over missing paperwork and forgotten signatures.

If it’s something that the customer wants when getting an insurance, it is a process that does not burden them with overwhelming paperwork and the trouble of meeting with agents numerous times to discuss the particulars. Fill e-signatures saves this trouble for your customers. Now they can go through all the important documents with a few taps on their devices. They can sign and approve documents remotely from the comfort of their homes. With fill, we ensure your customers get the service they want and you get the much deserved appreciation for your work.

Sending over documents for signatures can be a tricky business. A single mistake and your customer’s details are compromised. Give them the assurance they deserve with the use of e-signatures. With e-signatures you can be assured that your customer’s data is safe and cannot be meddled with by a third party. Additionally, e-signatures are further encrypted for additional safety and  authentication is not possible by anyone other than the signer. This makes it a more convenient option for people who may have second thoughts regarding the misuse of their documents.

E-signatures have been taking over financial services and a lot of people who are new to them are concerned whether they are legally acceptable or not. However, major electronic signature laws such as ESIGN Act, eIDAS and UETA are now in force making electronic signatures legally binding. Considering the convenience e-signatures provides for its user and the fact that they are accepted in the court of law, there should not be much debate on its suitability for businesses these days.

E-signatures does a great job of cutting costs related to paperwork. A lot of paper is required for insurance work and these papers have to be processed, scanned and then stored which is a very time consuming process. This additional workload can be mitigated from the agency’s schedule with the help of e-signatures. Now you can store all your important documents digitally at one place in a systematic manner. ‘Fill’ provides you with a cloud to manage thousands of documents. Go digital and save yourself the  trouble of dealing with papers.

Insurance work is usually hectic. Not all customers are familiar with how the process works and it can get really frustrating if it is their first time. With e-signatures one can easily deal with any unfamiliarity regarding the process and make the whole process far more comfortable than usual. Fill esignatures makes sure that the clients fill all the necessary details as it automatically alerts them about any blank spaces or unchecked boxes in their documents. Customers can have easy access to their documents from the comfort of their homes and take care of authentication through e-signatures with ease. 

The field of financial services is turning into a cut throat business with an increasing number of competitors. Agencies can no longer afford to stay behind and make sure no stones are left unturned to keep themselves ahead of their competitors. Here is how e-signatures helps you do just that:


  1. i) The insurance process becomes faster with esignatures. There is no requirement for agents to move around with a bunch of documents in order to explain the documents to the clients and obtain signatures. Both parties can access the documents remotely and get them approved by esignatures.


  1. ii) It becomes easier to tackle documents and organize them. Documentation is surely an integral part of the insurance process but it does not have to be an arduous task any more. Important documents can be easily stored and accessed through fiil e-signatures cloud. The fear of misplacing or the time consuming process of finding documents is mitigated through efficient organization that the cloud provides. 


iii) Remote access makes urgent verification easier. It is not always convenient for an agent or a client to meet with one another if an urgent verification is required. This is no longer a problem with e-signatures as it allows documents to be signed and verified from anywhere.


  1. iv) A satisfied base of customers means everything for a company’s growth. By implementing esignatures, your clients will be happier with how effortless the insurance process will be for them. A good word of mouth among people is the best marketing you can get for your company.

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