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The eSignature technology can transform all the paperworks into digital forms with ease hence making the whole process more convenient and being efficient at the same time. 


eSignature assists in subtracting non-health related expenses and get sustainable compliance with federal medical loss-ratio regulations, HIPAA and the ACA (Affordable Care Act).

Pharmaceutical companies have benefited a lot from the advancement in manufacturing technology. The use of newer and more effective tools for drug research is also a contributing factor to the growth of pharmaceutical companies and it has greatly enabled the production of new and advanced medications that are constantly replacing the stocks in medicine cabinets of hospitals as well as pharmaceutical outlets. This change was called for by the rising number of health issues among the world demographic which can be attributed to the continuously deteriorating lifestyles and the rise in environmental stressors. Pharmaceutical companies have a huge responsibility in their hands and on top of that, it can also be seen as an opportunity to adopt newer and more effective means to make sure that they are doing everything that they can to stay on top of their game.

eSignatures are the online alternative for collecting signatures. eSignatures use digital means to approve documents in place of the traditional wet signatures which rely on a pen and paper medium of marking the approval on a particular document by the concerned individuals. eSignatures rely on electronic devices to get the same type of authentication and it further allows an online medium that helps users who are at remote places to go through with the approval process. This is clearly an upgrade from the earlier means as it becomes more convenient for users to sign documents at a faster rate and it immediately mitigates the factors of commuting, physical handling of documents and meetups from the process.

How eSignatures Can Prove To Be Revolutionary For Pharmaceutical Companies

As discussed earlier, pharmaceutical companies have been able to continually upgrade their manufacturing process and drug research methods pertaining to the advancement in technology. They have been able to handle the rise in demand with their continuous efforts at upgrading themselves and catching up with the need of the hour. eSignatures adds a prospect of upgrading their flow of work by implementing electronic means of getting approval on necessary documentation. The pharmaceutical business is not similar to other businesses based on product distribution and sales but a lot of other formalities have to be followed in order to conduct sales. They need to get each and every product certified from regulatory bodies such as USFDA(USA), TGA(Australia), MHRA (UK) to be able to forward them to distributors. This undoubtedly leads to a bit of delay in the process but the introduction of eSignatures can definitely prove to be beneficial in this regard. On top of that, inner functions of pharmaceutical companies such as research funding, authenticating certification, testing results all require documentation as well as approvals from various departments which can be benefited from the implementation of eSignatures.


Tools That eSignature Services Provide

eSignature services are not limited to providing the convenience of electronically signing documents. They come with a lot of additional tools to facilitate management and also to assist with the tracking of workflow for pharmaceutical companies.

Cloud Storage

An extensive cloud storage to store all your necessary documents is provided for the clients of eSignature services where all the necessary files related to a company can be stored. The storage has provisions for effective organization which makes it easier for employees to go through and search any file with ease. 

Easy And Safe Sharing

Files can be shared with a click of a few buttons and in a completely safe manner with eSignature services. Senders can choose specifically who can access the documents and sign them by filling up the fields provided by the eSignature software. The entire interaction is digitally encrypted and no third party can meddle with your valuable documents.

Secured Access And Easy Approval Of Documents

The documents that are stored in the storage and are sent over to signers can only be accessed by authorized individuals. All the documents are digitally encrypted which ensures the safety of necessary documents. 

Centralized management of work

eSignature services come with the provision of handling multiple departments with a single centralized structure that can take care of the managerial needs of a company. The storage of documents in a single place and access to each and every update by the administrative team is a huge factor that leads to higher efficiency. 

Real-Time Updates

eSignature services’ software gives real-time updates about documents. The documents sent over to clients or signers can be viewed for activity updates. It provides a better understanding of the workflow and helps employees gain perspective over what needs to be done and what is already taken care of.

Benefits Of eSignature Services

Reduction Of Costs

A lot of costs can be cut on papered transactions as eSignature services greatly reduce the need for a colossal load of paperwork that was previously required. All transactions can be carried through an electronic medium which will make the work at companies more environment friendly. 

Improved Speed

The processes at pharmaceutical companies will certainly receive a significant boost in terms of speed. Signatures that used to delay the progress of ventures earlier can be easily obtained now with the help of eSignature services. The need to go to different departments carrying loads of paperwork is immediately mitigated here.

Improved Employee Performance

Pharmaceutical companies can now expect more productivity from their employees as eSignature services help them take care of a lot of their duties in a much more efficient manner in a reduced timeframe. This means employees can boost their productivity by many folds which will be beneficial for them as well as the company’s growth.

eSignature services bring a lot of possibilities with them for pharmaceutical companies to move ahead in their organizational goals. It also leads to better organizational management and helps them adopt a far smoother process at the workplace for all the departments. Make sure that your company is not left behind in the competitive scenario of the times and is using all the resources available these days.

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