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Freelancers across the globe deal with a huge volume of paperwork and manual processes, With Fill, you can now digitally sign documents and close deals faster than ever before.

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Paperwork Doesn’t Have To Be a Tiresome Process Anymore

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Provide your clients with a straight edge and user friendly technology by assisting them to fill out the forms and documents before the stipulated time from the convenience of their own devices anytime, anywhere.


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The eSignature technology can transform all the paperworks into digital forms with ease hence making the whole process more convenient and being efficient at the same time. 


eSignature assists in subtracting non-health related expenses and get sustainable compliance with federal medical loss-ratio regulations, HIPAA and the ACA (Affordable Care Act).

Digitization has been spreading its influence rapidly and has significantly changed the way things are done and also the pace at which they are done. It will not be wrong to say that digitization has made us very dependent on technology to accomplish tasks that previously required a more manual approach. Digitization forms a chain reaction that ends up being a continuous cycle of adapting to more and more advanced ways of getting things done. When one aspect is improved by technological maneuvering, it is natural that other aspects will have to catch up to match the upgraded speed of the process.

Freelancing is a field that has a very vast scope and a range of possibilities for people who indulge in it. There are a lot of people who work as freelancers and if everything falls into the right place it can be a much more rewarding career choice in comparison to other options. However, freelancers don’t have it easy on them. The freelance field has a huge number of aspirants working day and night to score gigs and projects for themselves. The competition in the field of freelancing is really high and one needs to make sure that they own every possible tactic to urge them forward in their careers. 

It is a given that freelancers can greatly benefit by including modern means of doing business and work. Freelancers can opt for using the advantages that digitization and technological advancements bring with them. eSignatures can be one such option to boost freelancing work and provide them with a lot of conveniences to make their work more efficient. eSignatures are a digital/online alternative for the traditional wet signatures. eSignatures are signs made on electronic documents which mitigate the need to use paper and pen for approving documents and replaces them with a soft copy that can be signed by using any device through which the document can be accessed online.

Esignature services provides a cloud storage for users to store all of their documents which they can access through their device. The files or documents can be shared to clients through mail which the clients can sign through their device.

So how exactly is it going to impact a freelancer’s work? Let us discuss specifically the areas that are going to greatly benefit through the use of eSignatures irrespective of the type of freelancing services one is providing for their clients. eSignatures can make the entire freelancing experience much faster. eSigntaure services provides cloud storage for its users where all the documents can be stored and located easily due its organized  structure. This will shorten the process by a lot as it is not always convenient to deal with a lot of clients and that too in a speedy manner. Moreover, freelancers can send over the documents they want to get signed through mail to the clients who can proceed to sign the documents electronically, mitigating any need to meet up or to send over documents from one place to another.

The use of eSignatures can result in a lot of saved time for freelancers and clients. Documentation can be least bothered about when a freelancer entrusts a eSignature service to handle their documents. The process of signing and approving documents can be done remotely which means even more time in the hands of freelancers to find more opportunities or fully invest themselves into the work at hand.

eSignature can be the tool that you were seeking to grow your brand as a freelancer. With lot of time saved up in the documentation process and the convenience of having document verified remotely by clients can prove to be the necessary ingredients you were missing to reach out to 

as many clients as possible. It is a given that when you will start making positive changes in the way you handle work and your clients, you will start to build a more efficient and productive structure of getting things done. This will ensure that you are putting out a good word for yourself in the market and clients will come seeking you time and again and will also recommend your services to other people.

eSignatures are easy to use and can be a very convenient addition to the freelancer’s arsenal of tools to deliver the best services to the customer. You can choose to integrate eSignatures into the current system you are using to keep track of your work and can proceed to manage documents accordingly and send them over to clients for signing.

 eSignature services usually come with a cloud storage facility where all the documents required by a freelancer can be stored. They can store their projects, drafts and records of their transactions in an organized manner in the storage. Freelancers can easily go through and locate files. They can send documents over to clients through mail and can specially allow only specific viewers to access or sign on those. When a client is supposed to sign and approve documents sent by the freelancer, the client can simply open the document to which he/she has been provided access to. 

Keeping all of these things in mind, freelancers can evaluate for themselves the possibility of using eSignature services for their work. There are no such disadvantages of adopting the digital means to get documents signed unless the concerned individual is too keen to follow the traditional way. eSignature can completely replace wet signatures in today’s day and age and they are acceptable as valid approval on the signer’s part by the law. However, it is certain that freelancers who might be reluctant to adopt it may have to work extra hard to compensate for the headstart that their competitors who use eSignatures will be provided. It is evidently clear by now that eSignature enhances speed of the process, saves up a lot of time for meaningful work and provides a lot of convenience for the clients due to the provisions for remote access to documents. The decision ultimately falls into the hands of the freelancers themselves if they want to switch to this new way of doing things.

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