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Provide your clients with a straight edge and user friendly technology by assisting them to fill out the forms and documents before the stipulated time from the convenience of their own devices anytime, anywhere.


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The eSignature technology can transform all the paperworks into digital forms with ease hence making the whole process more convenient and being efficient at the same time. 


eSignature assists in subtracting non-health related expenses and get sustainable compliance with federal medical loss-ratio regulations, HIPAA and the ACA (Affordable Care Act).

Franchises today are spreading faster than ever. We can see a lot of franchises in our cities that are part of an international brand. This has also a lot to do with the extravagant measures taken to market a product for people which leads to the popularity of a franchise and people start to value these brands as the marketing strategies quickly turn them into household names 

eSignatures can be a useful tool for franchises to utilise to meet their needs of fast expansion. There are already a lot of business associates waiting for an opportunity to be a part of popular franchises but the process of authorizing the opening of a new branch can prove to be complicated. eSignatures can be utilized by franchise owners to quickly deal with this sort of transactions. Important documents can be accumulated and signed through eSignature services so that there is no delay whatsoever in the expansion of business.

How To Use eSignature For Franchises

eSignature is not that hard to use and it can prove to be the most effective tool for franchise owners all over the world. Here are the steps to use eSignature services for signing franchise contracts.

Step1: Subscribe to Fill eSignature services and get the software required to access the provision for signing documents electronically.

Step 2: Integrate the system into the system that you are already using for your business’s management. Integrating fill eSignatures into your current system is a really easy process and it is compatible with almost any system that you may be using.

Step 3: After the integration is completed, select any file that is stored in your system and the eSignature software provides a number of fields that you can fill to provide the provision of signing for a specific individual or a number of people depending upon the type of transaction.

Step 4: You can simply send over the authenticated files to the signers through mail.

Step 5: The signer can access those documents on their device and after going through them they can proceed for signing those documents and they have three options to perform their signatures

  1. They can choose to tap on the document if the sender has already provided a field for them to do so in the document. Tapping the field will make the document bear the initials of the signer along with other specifications.
  2. They can choose to use their PC or Laptop’s mouse to draw their signature on the document. 
  3. They can choose to sign the document by maneuvering their finger on a touch pad in case they are accessing the document through their smartphone or tab. 

Signing Franchise Contracts Electronically 

As the franchises get more and more branched out, it becomes increasingly arduous to arrange for contracts and time and again and waiting for the right time to collect signatures from the concerned parties can lead to the unnecessary lengthening of the process. 


eSignatures can easily deal with such issues with the provisions it brings to the table. eSignature services allows clients or businesses to sign contracts and close deals through a process that is completely electronic. The eSignature software allows its user to create templates for contracts similar in nature which makes creating them super easy. There is no wait for a right time to accumulate signatures as signers can access documents on their personal devices and get the signatures done in an instant. 

Close Sales Deals Quicker Than Ever 

Sales teams of franchises are constantly on the lookout of securing deals with businesses which are situated at far off places. Franchisees want to expand as fast and as soon as possible. This results in a lot of pressure for the sales team who need to get the job done to get the management of their backs and also earn incentives for the deals they bring in. 

eSignatures can come handy for sales employees at franchisees to make their jobs easier and get the job done quicker as well. Esignature services provide the convenience of sharing documents online and getting them signed electronically by the signers. The process can be executed remotely as well which further contributes towards the greater speed of the process. Now sales employees do not need to beat themselves up over pending deadlines and missed targets as securing deals will take half the time.

Contracts Made Easy

The process of creating contracts and getting them signed has gotten easier than ever with fii esignatures. They provide the users with the provision of creating customized templates for every type of contract a franchisee deals with and use them to quickly create contracts for new deals. The contracts can be easily signed by the signers remotely through their devices.

Reduction Of Processing Costs

Franchise deals are filled with a lot of paperwork as well as authorization processes that require copies of the same documents to be printed. Franchises can cut a lot of costs expended in paperwork and their processing. Taking a digital approach for handling documentation processes with the help of eSignatures will save up a lot of bucks for the business.

Remote Deals Leading To A Faster And Wider Approach

eSignature services give the provision of closing deals with parties that are situated at remote places. This opens up the possibility of expanding the franchise vastly as it will have the opportunity to branch out endlessly with the convenience of using eSignatures to close deals far quicker than the traditional approach.

Centralized Control Over Proceedings

Franchises that are branched out to several locations usually require extra effort from franchise owners and employees to keep a proper account of the deals and contracts. eSigntaure services provide the convenience of centralized management of all the documents. Each and every document related to the franchise can be stored and accessed from a single place.

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