eSignature Solutions for Facilities Management

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Provide your clients with a straight edge and user friendly technology by assisting them to fill out the forms and documents before the stipulated time from the convenience of their own devices anytime, anywhere.


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With cutting edge technology, help your employees maintain their information with a smarter approach.


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The eSignature technology can transform all the paperworks into digital forms with ease hence making the whole process more convenient and being efficient at the same time. 


eSignature assists in subtracting non-health related expenses and get sustainable compliance with federal medical loss-ratio regulations, HIPAA and the ACA (Affordable Care Act).

Modern Electronic Solutions For Facilities Management

Managing any sort of facility can be a challenging task. A lot of factors are to be taken into consideration to make sure everything is properly managed to ensure maximum productivity and efficient workplace organization. Businesses can now rely on modern means for the management of their facilities. eSignature services can prove to be the effective tool that your company might be looking for.

eSignature For Facilities Management

Anything that includes signed verification for the management of the physical premises of a facility can now be easily dealt with eSignature services. The process becomes entirely paperless with eSignatures that leads to a significant reduction of costs and also an environmentally friendly office environment. Management becomes easy with a centralized system that is reliable in terms of real-time updates regarding documents and workflow.

Agreement Cloud For Facilities

eSignature services are accompanied by cloud facilities for agreements where leases and agreements can be stored and accessed effortlessly. The process is made much more convenient for both the employees and customers that lead to greater customer satisfaction. Errors in the documentation are also lessened with the use of eSignature with easily accessible documents stored in the cloud that can be altered after thorough analysis.

Products For Facilities

eSignature services are far more expansive when it comes to the products they are offering for their clients upon subscription. These products prove to be valuable for almost any kind of management that may be required for facilities.

Easy Sharing And Signing With eSignatures

Easily access documents and share them through eSignature services. The process that used to take up to days can now be completed in an instant with eSignature services. Just access the files on the cloud and share them over to the signers. Authorized individuals can easily access the documents and sign them in a matter of seconds.


Contract Lifecycle Management

It is easier to keep track of contracts and make necessary changes to them with eSignature services’ contract lifecycle management features. View upcoming contract dates and plan your next move accordingly. 

Use Cases

eSignature software provides convenience that goes far beyond what the name suggests and can effectively manage multiple aspects of a facility. They greatly enhance the experience of facility management by replacing the traditional ways with easier and more convenient methods for both employees and clients.

Lease Agreements

Optimise the lease signing process with fill. Negotiations are made easier with eSignature services as they provide an online remote alternative for dealing with documentation and parties can assess details of deals in a more convenient manner.  Management of payments is also facilitated by eSignature services and documents can be easily approved through electronic signatures


Facilities Contracts And Agreements

Create templates for contracts and agreements related to facility management easily. eSignature services have provisions for creating customizable templates for any type of agreement so that companies do not have to spend extra hours in the creation of new agreements every time.


Work Orders

Integrate eSignature services with your business team and handle work orders in a much more efficient manner. Keeping track of workflow and authorizing work orders is a matter of seconds with eSignature services. Pay off bills and seamlessly update financial status for further analysis by the financial department through the centralized system at place.


Front Desk Sign In

Another aspect of facility management that can be taken care of by eSignature services is the process of front desk sign-in. There is no need to use an additional system to keep front desk sign-in records as eSignature services can efficiently handle that.


Request Move In And Out

Create forms through eSignature services and use them to effectively handle departments and employees for special requests or provisions. Give your employees the convenience of accessing request forms easily from their devices and authorize requests seamlessly within minutes.


Permit For Parking

Parking is another area that needs a little management on part of the companies to make sure that employees are provided sufficient space to accommodate their vehicles inside the premises. eSignature services can be used to issue and authorize parking permits in a faster and more efficient manner. The convenience of electronically handling the creation of such permits promotes far better management of spaces.


Numerous benefits can be reaped from the use of eSignature services in facility management. Let us see what they might be


Reduction Of Costs

Go paperless with eSignature services and cut a significant amount of costs usually incurred on papers by the company. The need to sort out storage space is eliminated with the reduction of paperwork giving more space to the facility to be utilised. Moreover, visits to clients to transfer necessary documents every now and then are not an issue anymore with online sharing facilities.


Improved Visibility

Sometimes facilities have to outsource work to vendors to manage the extra load and it is not possible to keep a constant eye on them as they work remotely. However, it is made possible by eSignature services to not only keep an eye on the process but to be updated with every progressive step through real-time updates.



Reduction Of Errors

With easy online access to documents, checking for and mitigating any errors on documents is easier than ever. The verification process can be significantly fastened up with these prospects at hand and the documentation process can observe a huge boost.


Faster Pay Offs

Financial management can also be optimized with the use of eSignature services as all financial records can be properly accounted for and transactions can be monitored and updated in real-time. Moreover, better financial management also leads to better salary accounts and faster payoff both for orders and employees.

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