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The eSignature technology can transform all the paperworks into digital forms with ease hence making the whole process more convenient and being efficient at the same time. 


eSignature assists in subtracting non-health related expenses and get sustainable compliance with federal medical loss-ratio regulations, HIPAA and the ACA (Affordable Care Act).

The world that we live in is working non stop to make sure newer and more effective ways can be formulated to help people accomplish their tasks and goals as soon as possible. One of the main aspects of this continuous search for growth is the continuity in the evolution of technology. Technology has come a long way since the past few decades and we are getting to know about more and more possibilities that may greatly benefit us in our pursuit of getting better whatever we do. One of the industries that have greatly benefited from large scale technological advancement is the entertainment and media industry.

The entertainment industry has seen major growth due to advancements in technology. It is one of the highest grossing industries today and everyone who is well off in these industries is doing very well for themselves in terms of income and recognition. We cannot deny that this industry is in some way or the other a part of our lives as well. We are all consumers of this industry whether it be in the form of news, movies, music, soaps, OTT platforms, etc. I am sure most of our readers are familiar with all of these products that come from the entertainment and media industries. 


However, these industries are of a very hectic nature for people working in it. A fact to consider is that the competition in these industries is brutal and one cannot afford to lag behind in any aspect. As a result, quality output with minimum time consumption is expected from the workers. This hectic nature can certainly prove to be a lot to handle for people who have to keep an eye over the operations resulting in a chaotic work environment. But the inclusion of eSignatures can prove to be useful in this aspect and take a significant load off the management team.

eSignatures are a digital/online way of signing documents. Esignatures are the modern alternative to the traditional wet signature which is the most known method of signing and approving documents. They have been in use for quite some time now and have been rapidly growing in popularity due to the rapid digitization. eSignatures can be used through eSignature services which provides you with the necessary tools to integrate into your system. Once you have acquired the required tools to make and allow others to make eSignatures, you can simply share documents by using the tools provided by the service and send over the pdf version of documents which you want to be signed by an individual. You can also choose who can access the documents to make sure it does not fall into the wrong hands.The signer can proceed to sign the documents from their device. They can either draw their signature on the document or can tap the field provided by the sender which will engrave the initials and specifics of the signer in the document.

eSignatures are obviously a far more convenient option for signers as well as the management team. eSignature services also provide safe storage facilities to arrange and store documents in a systematic manner. Documents can also be created with the use of templates that the user can design for documents that are of a similar nature. On top of that, eSignatures are a legally binding option these days as several laws are in place to provide it with legitimacy. eSignatures are a legally binding option with laws like Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN) by Federal legislation in 2000 in place. 

Now we know what is a eSignature and how it can be used, let us see some of the areas of the entertainment and media industries that can largely benefit from its use:


Entertainment And Media Companies

Entertainment and media companies work incessantly to dish out content at a steady pace for the consumers. These people can largely benefit from every minute they save in the midst of their work so that they can concentrate on the quality of their production. Using eSignatures for handling documentation and getting all the necessary signatures done remotely without the need to interact with every signer face to face can save up alot of time and enhance the quality of their output.

Production And Management Team

The production team in media houses and the entertainment industry has a lot on its plate. They need to deal with huge financial sums and manage a lot of accounts with which they have to regularly transact. eSignature services provide them the convenience of properly tracking the workflow and maintaining a documented record of each and every transaction. With the provision of making eSignatures, approval for payments also requires a fraction of the time that it used to take. 



Agents play a pivotal role in media and entertainment business as they make provisions for recruiting proper candidates for suitable positions and it is their duty to scout for prospective employees, discuss contract details and finalize deals with businesses. eSignatures have made agent’s jobs easier than ever. It has enabled them to largely digitize the recruitment and scouting process. Contracts can be offered and sent online for individuals which they can sign electronically.


Convenience For Remote Jobs

There are a lot of jobs in this industry that are done remotely. It can be creative writing, scriptwriting, digital marketing and other such fields. Entertainment can take advantage of digitization and eSignatures to make these remote jobs more convenient and secure for both the employers and employees. Companies can provide legitimate contracts to the workers for their services which can be signed electronically by both the parties. On top of that, every transaction between the employers and the employee can be recorded in real time which will help people to keep track of the workflow.

After having a proper understanding of the impact that eSignatures can have on the media and entertainment industry. It is not only a smart inclusion for your business but can also be considered as the missing ingredient for ensuring maximum efficiency in the whole process. Companies cannot afford to hold themselves back in this cut throat business and should opt for options like eSignatures which will certainly aid them in their work.

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