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The eSignature technology can transform all the paperworks into digital forms with ease hence making the whole process more convenient and being efficient at the same time. 


eSignature assists in subtracting non-health related expenses and get sustainable compliance with federal medical loss-ratio regulations, HIPAA and the ACA (Affordable Care Act).

Contracts For Organizational Work

Contracts are an integral part of any organization. They bind everyone related to the organization whether as a direct employee or a vendor to a particular set of responsibilities and obligations in order to ensure a productive work environment. The number of contracts that need to be handled by an organization is enormous as there are a lot of departments collaborating on projects that are bound by a deadline. Thus they need to have effective management software in place that helps them keep track of all of their contracts and also manage necessary actions required for each of them.

eSignature And Contract Management Software

One of the tools that can be used for the purpose of managing contracts and help the management of an organization to stay updated about required activities related to each and every contract they hold is eSignature service. The main purpose of an eSignature service or software is to enable clients and the managerial body of an organization to enable the use of electronic signatures. Electronic signatures are a faster and more convenient alternative to the traditional wet signature. eSignatures provides the facility of signing a soft copy of documents that are shared online to consolidate a deal or contract in a remote manner. But eSignature services come with a lot of extensive features and one of them is a contract management system. 

Provisions Of Contract Management With eSignatures

eSignature software provides a contract management system that is embedded in it. The process of using it is very simple and it can effectively boost the amount of work that gets done by an organization quite easily. To utilize the contract management system, employees can simply log in to the system and upload a contract using the eSignature software. The user can proceed to fill out the email address and the recipient’s details and then proceed to send them over to the signers through the mail. Once the contract is registered through the software, it can be checked for the signer’s activity on the documents without having to repeatedly check on the client. On top of that, the software also notifies about important dates and activities required in those contracts by the client or the management.

Benefits Of Using eSignature Software for Managing Contracts

The contract management system embedded with eSignature services can bring on a plethora of positive changes into their management and signing process. Let us take a closer look at how exactly this may happen.

Improved Contract Speed

The first way that organizations will benefit from the use of eSignature services for their contract management is the significant increase in the speed at which work gets done. It can prove very detrimental for organizations when a lot of contracts are yet to be signed by concerned individuals and in some cases, it may lead to a major setback for the company’s workflow. eSignature services can be a great addition to boost the speed at which contracts are signed and managed as organizations do not have to indulge in the guessing game anymore. They can actively track the activities done on the contractual documents by the recipients and can easily address an unnecessary delay when they see things are being deferred for too long. The use of eSignatures ensures a much shorter time frame for signing contracts.

Highly Secured Approach For Contractual Transactions 

eSignature services use a very secure approach when it comes to dealing with contracts and documents that may be highly confidential. Every file shared through eSignature software is digitally encrypted. The sender can specify which particular individuals will be able to have access to the contractual documents and no third-party intruder will be able to access the contract. This is essential when dealing with contracts as they hold much significance for both parties. These are legally binding documents and any kind of mishandling by malicious third parties can get the people involved in a lot of trouble. 

Fewer Errors In Contracts

The use of eSignature for managing and creating contracts can lead to a lot of reduction in errors. Contracts are legally binding documents that are not limited to jotting down the details of an agreement between two parties but which makes them legally accountable for each and every claim made on the document. A document that holds so much importance should not be festered with errors. It becomes much easier for individuals to assess contracts through eSignature software as it provides much better control over the entire document. They can easily access documents and evaluate them for errors and if any fault is found, they can be easily changed which is not the case when it comes to paperwork.

Manage Contracts Remotely

Using eSignature services gives you the provision of handling documents in a remote manner. Handling hard copies of documents can be tiresome. They need to be stored properly and have a high chance of getting misplaced among a heap of paperwork. Hard copies also need to be handed over to the concerned individuals which make the process a tad longer than it should be. eSignature services can provide solutions for all of these issues. Signers can sign documents from anywhere they want and at any time they like with the convenience of online access. It provides a lot of ease to the customer. 

Lower Your Organization’s Spendings

A lot of costs can be cut from the organization’s spendings when one adopts eSignature services into their system of contract management. It can cost a lot of money for the organization to keep loads of paperwork and then burden employees with the task of handling and managing them. eSignature services can make the entire process based on an online format. It will save up a lot of costs incurred on paperwork. Storage areas for hard copies can be utilized for other uses for the office as well.

The entire process of contract management can be transformed with a much faster approach to work and a higher success rate of meeting deadlines. Make use of the latest that technology has to offer and honor your contracts in a seamless manner. 

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