6 Proven Strategies to Reduce Employee Burnout

by Kent Cañas
reduce employee burnout workplace

Prolonged stress in the workplace often leads to employee burnout. Thus, businesses need to acknowledge the importance of avoiding burnout in boosting productivity and maintaining employee satisfaction. With the right tools and strategies, you can effectively manage your team and keep them from working until they experience chronic exhaustion.

Below are some proven tips and strategies to avoid employee burnout while effectively managing a heavy workload.


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avoid employee burnout tips

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What Is Employee Burnout?

Employee burnout usually happens when there is chronic stress among your team and staff. They may feel overly exhausted and unable to perform at their best. They may also feel a sense of general dissatisfaction, which could eventually manifest into physical symptoms. According to an article posted on Gallup, burned-out workers are 63% more likely to take a sick day and 2.6 times more likely to seek a different job.

With an alarming rate of burned-out employees, your business could run into several problems. When your workers are too tired and stressed to work, it affects their level of productivity. They may commit mistakes more often and fail consistently at meeting your client’s expectations. You could also risk losing your best workers, leaving your business to suffer the aftermath, eventually hindering its potential for continued growth.

Leading Causes of Job Burnout

According to Well-Being Index, among the leading causes of job or work burnout are as follows:

  • Poor management
  • Doing work beyond a job scope, without corresponding pay or promotion
  • Toxic company culture and poor work environment
  • Long work hours
  • No room for career growth
  • Poor Communication

What Are the Common Signs of Chronic Workplace Exhaustion?

By knowing the common signs of chronic workplace exhaustion, you can mitigate the effects of employee burnout. It’ll also help you figure out a way to lessen its impact on business productivity and growth. Here are some of the most common signs of burnout at work:

  • Lack of interest and enthusiasm  — There’s no eagerness or drive to put in their best effort to accomplish a particular task or project.
  • Unable to focus — They have a difficult time focusing on their work. It’s also likely for your burned-out staff to forget or miss out on important dates and other specific details.
  • Feeling detached — They won’t engage or socialize as much compared to what they used to. It’s also possible for your chronically stressed worker to feel indifferent and less empathetic towards your customers and clients.
  • Poor work performance — Their performance rating drops to the point where they can no longer deliver the expected outcomes.
  • Always calling in sick — You’ll find that burned-out worker keeps calling in sick or frequently files for a leave.
  • Physical manifestations — They start showing physical signs and symptoms of work-related stress, such as stomach upsets, headaches, and heart palpitations.

reduce employee burnout tips

Proven Strategies to Effectively Deal with Employee Burnout

Helping your employees deal with burnout will make them want to stay and work for your business. Below are some proven tips and strategies that can help you deal with employee burnout:

1.) Stress the importance of mental health

Encourage your employees to talk more openly about their mental health struggles. You can also offer them some valuable mental health resources, such as free yoga classes and meditation. 

2.) Cultivate a healthy work environment

Your employees may feel chronically stressed out when working in a toxic environment. Ensure that your managers are properly communicating with your employees. You may also encourage them to take a proactive approach when dealing with burned-out and underperforming employees.

3.) Offer flexible working hours

Having flexible working hours enables your employees to work at their own pace and have more control over their preferred work schedules. This way, they can spend more time with their family and take a much-needed break for as long as they can get their work done.

4.) Offer remote work opportunities

By working remotely, you can help your employees avoid burnout as they’re free to work from the comfort of their own homes or just about anywhere they want. They can even go on trips while staying on top of their tasks without missing a deadline.

5.) Eliminate the heavy workload and long working hours

Employee burnout often stems from an unhealthy amount of workload. With lots of work to finish under a tight deadline, your workers are more likely to spend more hours in the office instead of being at home. Such problems can be avoided by effectively managing tasks while avoiding last-minute changes that could disrupt your employee’s schedule.

6.) Make use of automation tools and software

By eliminating the need to do repetitive tasks, your employees can shift their focus to more meaningful work while having enough time to unwind despite having a busy schedule. With the help of automation, you can eliminate repetitive tasks while keeping your operating expenses to a minimum.

How Fill Can Help

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Final Thoughts

Employee burnout can be detrimental to the growth and success of your business. By successfully preventing long-term work exhaustion, you can improve the health and well-being of your employees so they can work more efficiently. Remember that a satisfied employee is a productive employee, which in turn leads to higher business profitability.

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