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Paperless offices are becoming the norm these days, thanks to the invention of easy-to-use software and devices. These online tools have been a game-changer for businesses. Among these tools are digital signature apps that allow users to sign documents with a click of a button. 

Let’s take a closer look at this innovation and see the advantages it offers to businesses and individuals.


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What Is a Digital Signature?

Digital signature apps have quickly made their way to offices and organizations as a preferred tool for signing and verifying documents. Digital or electronic signatures are a convenient online alternative to authenticate documents, replacing the old ways of signing documents with handwritten signatures and seals of approval.

Using digital signatures requires an electronic device with access to the internet. They make it easier for everyone to sign and send documents remotely, allowing you to take care of business from anywhere and at any time. 

Digital signatures are deemed suitable to be used in documents of legal importance and they are accepted as a valid way of approving documents by an individual. 

Why Are Digital Signature Apps Relevant These Days?

Digital signatures are getting popular among organizations in different industries as they allow them to have a certain competitive advantage. This is because digital signatures highly simplify the process of accumulating, accessing, and signing documents. These responsibilities can take up a substantial amount of time and effort, so streamlining them allows for a more efficient workplace.  

Moreover, digital signature vendors like Fill provides a lot of additional features that assist in maintaining, tracking, and organizing documents at the workplace. 

How Are Digital Signatures Made?

Digital signatures are made using digital keys assigned to the user by a vendor, which is in a form of encryption. The digital key acts as a medium to access secured files for signers and also allows one to put a signature on a document. 

Generating digital signatures doesn’t require highly technical knowledge of coding or web design. Anyone with a basic knowledge of smartphones and computers can easily create and use them.

Fill Digital Signature App: A Better Way to Sign 

Fill is a leading electronic signature app with millions of users worldwide. Its user-friendly interface allows you to navigate through the app and sign documents within moments.

This platform is built to provide digital signing convenience for individuals as well as businesses to ease the process of document verification. It comes with a plethora of features that assist you with handling documents and getting them approved.

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How to Use the Fill Online Signature App

You will need only two things to make an e-signature on this platform:

  • An electronic device with access to the internet such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop
  • A Fill account 

After subscribing to Fill digital signature services, you need to simply log in to your created account and then proceed to follow the below steps to get started with signing documents with digital signatures. 

1. Create an account on Fill 

Just follow the steps to subscribe to one of Fill’s plans on the home screen, and you’re set. You will then see detailed instructions for creating a unique electronic signature.

It will require just a few moments to generate a digital key that will allow you to access documents that you will upload to Fill’s cloud and sign them with a click of a button.

2. Upload the document that you need to sign online

Aside from uploading a file from your desktop computer or laptop, you can also scan the document using your smartphone if you have Fill’s mobile app. If you have already uploaded all the files, then you can move on to search for the one you need to sign from Fill’s cloud.

3. Sign with your Fill electronic signature

You don’t need to create a new signature for each document. After creating your Fill account and digital signature, you can log in at any time to access your electronic signature and sign documents.

Before you affix your digital signature, open the document, and make sure that everything on it is put correctly. If you are satisfied with the specifics in the document or the agreement, you can proceed to sign the document with the click of a button.

Simply choose the add signature option, add your digital signature to the desired position on the document, and then proceed to apply it.

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Benefits of Using the Fill App to Sign Documents

An efficient method of signing documents

The process for signing documents with Fill takes seconds to execute once you have created a digital signature. Signing documents does not have to be a time-consuming process anymore. Simply sign and send documents through digital means to get work done faster and with fewer mistakes.

A secure way to deal with confidential documents

This online signature generator uses digital encryption to protect documents from unwanted hands. Only authorized personnel can have access to files using a digital key which ensures that safety is not compromised for the sake of convenience. 

A reliable platform for multiple-device access

Fill digital signature app is accessible from a number of devices, which gives you more options to handle work effortlessly. It is supported both in smartphones and computers so that you can take care of important documents whenever needed. 

A guaranteed way to save money

Fill provides cloud services that make it easy to store and access documents. Since there is no need to rent physical storage space or buy filing cabinets, businesses can save on operating and maintenance expenses. Fill makes it possible to get rid of tons of paperwork that requires a lot of time to manage and store safely in office spaces.


Fill mitigates the need to spend days waiting for the approval of signers. The best part? This tool also provides meaningful insights that help you optimize processes and boost productivity.

Now’s the time to make your workplace more productive. Integrate the use of a digital signature app into your work process with Fill. 

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