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Fill provides customizable templates for car bill of sale templates that can be generated and signed online. All the requisite fields in a bill of sale form are included in Fill’s templates making it easier for individuals to pass the ownership of their cars to the purchaser.  

What is a bill of sale?

A bill of sale is a piece of document that verifies the transfer of ownership of any property held by an individual to a purchaser. They are also known as proof of purchase which is an apt indication of their purpose. All information relevant to the purchase of an individual’s property can be found on this document. 

car bill of sale template

Fields you will find in Fill’s car bill of sale template

  1. Seller information 

All the information required to identify the purchaser is included here such as name, address, verified identification details and contact information.

  1. Buyer information 

All information that helps identify the purchaser is included in this section.

  1. Amount of sale

The total expenditure incurred by the purchaser is to be mentioned in this section.

  1. Method of payment

The exact medium of transferring the money to the seller is mentioned in this section.

  1. Agreements relating to the payment method

Fill accommodates the use of complex payment agreements that involves numerous terms and conditions.

  1. Date of transaction

The date that the deal was executed is mentioned here

  1. Description of item

All information that helps identify the car such as colour, brand model, distinct accessories are found here. 

  1. History of ownership

The bill of sale also includes the history of the people the property has already been with.

Car bill of sale template with “as is” clause by Fill

The “as-is” clause is an essential part of the bill of sale form. The “as is” clause in the bill of sale for a car stipulates that the car has been thoroughly inspected by the purchaser and it has been agreed upon by both parties to move forward with the sale in the condition it was examined by the purchaser. The purchaser agrees upon getting no additional warranties for his purchase.

Importance of a car bill of sale templates

A bill of sale is a highly important piece of document as it protects the interest of both the seller and purchaser. A bill of sale is solid proof of the transfer of ownership which makes the purchaser liable for anything that happens to the car. It acts as a deterrent to avoid unlawful practices like buying stolen cars or using someone else’s ownership of a vehicle to exploit legal loopholes. 

The bill of sale is in the best interest of both the buyer and the seller.

car bill of sale template

Filling up a bill of sale with Fill

Fill provides a fast online experience for filling up bill of sale forms for cars that you can sign and send online to concerned parties. 

Car bill of sale template with easy interface 

Fill has a simple and effective interface that allows newbies to fill out a car bill of sale template covering all the necessary details required to be included in it. 

Thorough templates

We are well acquainted with the in and outs of a car bill of sale templates ensuring that you will not miss out on any aspect and fill out the form the way it is meant to.

Customizable car bill of sale templates

Car bill of sale templates need specific modifications depending on the nature of the purchase which can be easily accommodated with fill’s customizable forms. Simply edit the fields in our PDF editor and you will have a customized form for any type of sale you want to execute.

Sign car bill of sale templates with eSignatures

Fill allows you to fill out and sign bill of sale forms without having to print a copy of them. You can execute signatures online following every regulation on the book with Fill and send them over to the seller or purchaser who can do the same as well. 

Execute sales or purchases much faster

Using Fill enables you to execute a sale or purchase of a car much faster than the usual approach. Fill out the form and sign it online to easily execute the deal within a matter of minutes. 

A Thorough layout to accommodate every necessary detail required for a bill of sale 

Fill provides you with a detailed form for the bill of sale that accommodates every necessary piece of information to be provided there.

Some important bill of sale related sections you will find in the template from Fill are:

Sales tax: This section mentions how sales tax will influence the price of the car. The added price will either be included in the selling price or will be added to it after this section has been filled out.

Witness: This section will apply to the form when a witness is called upon to oversee the buying or selling of the car. It holds the identity details of the individual as well his contact information for future reference. 

Vehicle Information Number: Vehicle Information Number or VIN denotes a special serial number assigned to every vehicle upon being manufactured. The number can be used to determine manufacturing details of the car which includes its model, year of manufacture and also the location it was built. 

Trade-in: This section applies to deals that are executed using a barter system or exchange of properties. It specifies the items that are exchanged in the deal and how their valuation was calculated. 

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