eSignature Solutions for Students & Education Industry

E-signatures, like in any other industry, have proven extremely cost efficient and time saving for the education industry as well. An e-signature or electronic signature is an efficient, legally binding way to get approval on electronic documents. Secure and verifiable, it can replace a handwritten signature in virtually any process. There is a huge amount of paperwork involved in the complete education industry. 

There is the need to maintain student records, teachers records, fee records, curriculum schedule, etc. With the entry of e-signatures into the industry, the workload has decreased tremendously. This does not only facilitate easy streamlining of services but also smoothens the entire administration functions of the industry. 

With the world shifting to a world that is technology driven, students find it all the more easier to shift to things digitally and get everything done through their mobiles and PC’s. Electronic signatures can get rid of physical paper, minimize errors, and streamline transactions which is extremely beneficial to both the students and staff

Benefits Of Using E-Signatures In Schools and Universities

Some of the many benefits that e-signatures have facilitated in the education industry are given below:

1.Reduces paperwork and helps in organising

With the constant increase in the use of technology, the complete processes of the Education Industry are shifting to the digital platforms and the approval of all those documents are facilitated through E-signatures. The amount of paperwork that the Education Industry requires is beyond measurable and the more difficult part is to organise those documents without error or without hampering the data. Therefore, shifting to e-signatures is the smarter move. 

Digitalization of the complete process not only reduces the workload of the administration but also helps in better organisation of the complete data. All the processes that are included in the education industry can be easily done with a click and can be verified through E-signatures. This process also reduces chances of error, of data loss or data hampering.

2.Hasten processes and reduce costs

E-signatures in the education industry have facilitated the meaning of all the processes that are involved in this industry. Right from applications, admissions, fee records of students, exam curriculum, result records, attendance records, scholarships, etc. everything is properly available on the web for both the staff and the students to access. 

This allows them to view their records from time to time. Having everything on the web digitally saves tremendous amounts of time and reduces operational costs to a large extent. You do not have to surf through multiple files to reach one student. Everything is just a click away. And the costs of stationery, pens, pencils, paper, files, etc. is also saved.

3.Easens student application processes

There are a lot of documents of each student of a school or college that need to be maintained. Starting from their entrance applications to exam forms to admit cards to transfer Certificates, marksheets, etc., everything requires their signatures and approvals. 

Doing all this work on paper can take a lot of time and the chances of errors can be extremely high. With the facilitation of e-signatures in the education industry the work is not only sped up but also done with the least errors possible. It is also secure and the data cannot be hampered. It also becomes easy to read the documents and keep a record of their performance and achievements. 

Basically, an electronic signature in the education industry is bringing speed and visibility and streamlining the processes to benefit all parties involved.

4.Privacy and Security of data

Another use of electronic signature in the education industry is that it ensures security to student information like crucial documents of all the students that are saved in the databases of educational institutions and protects it against theft and piracy. 

The system is secure and is password protected and can be operated only by people who are identified by the system and have access to those documents. Data is almost impossible to hamper with and the privacy of the students is completely maintained. 

All the communication remains between the two parties involved only and the processes of all the document verification is easily and cost-effectively communicated on the web only. 

Since a school or college has a huge number of children, collecting and safely keeping their data on the web is the only effective measure that should now be implemented by multiplying the work tenfold times by doing it on paper. All the data on the web can be authenticated by the E-signature.

With the above mentioned points, it might be somewhat clear that the entry of e-signature into the education industry has made the process all the more effective and easier than it was before. Electronic signatures help pave the way to improve the entire school administration system.

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